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Daily Thread Thurs May 21st

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Morning peeps!

Its going to be hot hot hot and sunny today!! I am loving it!

I am heading to a girlfriends house after work. She is getting married next Friday so we are planning her wedding day schedule tonight.

Josh and I actually are in the top 50 finalists for a radio contest to get married in 24 hours. Josh made me apply not thinking we would win...but now we are stressed because our whole wedding is already planned and the people are invited So.... we are not going to be able to accept the free wedding if we win Nuts eh?

Anyhoo, you peeps have a good one!
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Wow that's amazing Nat! Top 50 huh!

It's a beautiful day at 7:30am already. It's going to be in the 80's and I will be napping. My son decided not to eat much over night and has been up since 3:30. I have been in/out of sleep since.

Tonight DH and I are taking DS for his first walk. I didn't want to take him out for the first time without DH. He already missing so much for being at work.
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This is my last day of 'work' for about 10 days. I'll be taking tomorrow off to take care of errands, going to see my parents Saturday, and then I'll be flying out on Sunday. I have one more paper to finish, but it's nearly done. Once I'm not under pressure anymore, I tend to start dragging my feet. For lunch, I'll probably go to the Red Lobster with a couple of guys from work since I won't see them for a while. Then I've got a meeting at 3 or I would probably just take off early since I'll have all of my hours for the week in before lunch. I brought my workout clothes, so I may do a quick stop in the gym after work or I may not - just depends on my mood. Then home to the kitties and a quiet night at home.
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*yawn* *stretch* *grumble*

Morning.... yup, didn't get much sleep last night....3:30-7:30. I am tired.

It is VET day today. I have all three cats going in....the kittens will be dewormed and 'shot', Kizzy will be 'shot' (I hope) and we'll talk bout flea meds.

It is going to be a beautiful day out, very sunny and warm at 28C or 82F. Perfect weather for me.

I have a physio appt. at 3.

Will prolly try to sneak in a nap.

Enjoy your day everyone
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Hello All!!

Another breezy day again and a little cooler with chance of rain this afternoon.

Another person who didn't sleep well-moved into other bedroom and just laid there and Bakker was really annoying me too.

So doing a little of this and that before I clean up to go to work.

Have a good one!!
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Evening All!!

Little late getting here today, am a little on the ill side and spent most of the day resting.

Very sunny warm and windy here, feels like it blowing up a storm for tonight.

Am thinking about trying some tea and dry toast for dinner but haven't decided for sure yet.

The kitties have been very good tiday and spent most of the afternoon napping with me.

Everyone have a great evening.
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