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View all subscribed threads...

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On my userCP page, doesn't work. Only tries to find updated subscribed threads, but I want to be able to list all my subscribed threads, even if they havent been updated recently...

Every other Vbulletin system I've used has this, but here... thoughts ?
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I'm not sure exactly why this doesn't work for you. I will let Anne know though to check into it.

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If I remember right, you need to go into all the forums you would like to "subscribe" to and at the top (on the right) it says subscribe to this forum. Once you have gone to all the forums you want on your list and subscribe, they will all show up in your user CP.
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Also, there is an option to View All Subscribed Threads. Then you also have a drop-down menu that lets you choose a time period from 30 days to the beginning.
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Thats the option I'm talking about

First, I checked in my options to have all threads I replied to subscribed to as well. Typically, this will make them show up on my userCP as being active so I should go check them... and it does.

HOWEVER, it will only display them there until I check them, and then they will not be on the userCP. Typically this would be okay, because THEN you hit "view all subscribed threads" and it will bring up a list of ... all subscribed threads, recently updated or not, as far back as the time period you selected.

On THIS site, that "view all subscribed threads" link brings up NO list, irregardless of time period selected. Thats the problem.

So if I have a thread I've replied to (this one let's say), it shows up on my userCP when someone else replies to it... I check the thread, and then it's no longer on my userCP (correct), but I can't even find it under "view all subscribed threads" (incorrect).
My threads are staying subscribed, because if they dissapear from the userCP and I can no longer find them... they will reappear if a newer reply to them is made, as if nothing was ever wrong... It's just the View link that isn't working quite right.

Does this site have all the correct updates and patches for the Vbulletin software and such ? Seems to be a software problem.
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Ah... upon further investigation, when clicking that link I get the error message "There have been no new posts to your subscribed threads in the last 30 days."...

So, I guess it's not a bug or anything... but most every other Vbulletin system I've been on, has had that screen show all subscribed threads, updated or not... I guess you guys just have this one set differently.

No biggie.
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Sorry it is not set up the way you prefer. Actually, I am not even sure the majority of our members use this function. If you have email turned on, then you can get notified of threads you are posting to via email. Or when you visit the forums, any thread you have posted to will have a black dot on the envelope. Perhaps one of these methods would be suitable?
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I'll sort something out Don't worry about me !
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Hey Elec:

On each forum page, any thread that you have posted to appears with a black dot on the envelope. Then if the arrow is there, you know the thread has new replies.

I am sorry I can't answer more directly to your issue with thread subscription. I used to get email notification for any thread I subscribed to, and it caused me some major technical hassles, so I stopped it. And FYI, we are not using the most updated version of vBulletin at this time.
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If you need more $$ to purchase an update, let me know where to send a few bucks to help out. It'd be more than worth it to me to help this community if you guys decide the updated features and such would be a benefit.

I'll find a way to manage around it for now though Don't worry.
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Are you using the little drop down menu underneath? It says "Show threads from>>>" and I usually choose "beginning" and it will take me to the page that lists all the threads I've subscribed to, whether someone posted recently or not.
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Thats EXACTLY what I'm trying to use... but regardless of how far back I select in that drop down menu, NOTHING shows in the list. Even thought I'm subscribed to like 6 threads.
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Ok Elec, I see what you mean. I subscribed to a couple of threads to see what you were seeing. Got the same thing as you. Sorry, I don't have an answer, but at least you aren't nuts!

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We are in the process of upgrading the site now. It is a very slow process as it is a big site and there are many things to consider.

If you wish to become one of our sponsors, you can email me and I will see what I can do for you.

Thank you for giving us another option to consider as this process moves forward. I just do ask for your patience as we keep chugging on.
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Originally posted by Deb25
Sorry, I don't have an answer, but at least you aren't nuts!

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VB3 did wonders for this site
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I also believe that Anne isn't done tweaking the system yet. She is working her way through it-
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Originally Posted by ElecMoHwk
VB3 did wonders for this site
I agree! VB3 is great! Did it solve this specific issue for you? If there's anything that needs tweaking in your opinion - please do let me know.

BTW - I'm afraid none of the hacks that used to work with VB2 work anymore. Including the lovely marquee we had on the main page. That one was by the owner of the website and I believe it was you who originally told me about it? Any idea what's going on over there? I couldn't contact the owner there - wanted to ask if by any chance he has an upgraded version of that script.
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Well... quick update. Jeff, the owner of and the writer of that script, has been in constant contact with me about a few things, and we've actually started working on a VB3 version of that marquee. He'll need it for when is upgraded, and I'll also need it for my girflriend's new site (and yet another vb3 nirvana forum i'm building)...

I'll update you guys with the new version when we have it running No biggie !!

VB3 solved my issue yes... and I'm going to go out on a limb and say I've not had any other issues at all. I'm going to become a regular here again (took some time away), and I'll keep looking for things... As I get more into VB3 (4 sites planned to be in my control)... I'll let you know if I find anything

But other than software upgrades... I just wanna say, the USERS here have helped me solve many many more, important problems, with my 2 kittens.

Thank you to everyone Forum managers, and users alike, for having a great site going here.
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Great to hear the marquee will be back!!! Thank you!!!

And best of luck with those new websites - sounds like a lot of fun!
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