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Rough in bed

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Well, my boy San acts pretty crazy when he jumps on the bed to curl up beside me. He kneads on my chest, head butts my arms, licks and bites my head, burrows himself under my armpits and flops his body on my neck. This goes on for a long time. And it does not matter if I am moving or being still. Sorry San, the bedroom is off limits.
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Yeah that sounds about right
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Awwww, your his kitty Momma!
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Aww San! You poor kitty....

I'm sure Meowmy will let you back in her room sometime soon!
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Yep, the nightly ritual.
Maggie goes through the stepping all over me, closing her eyes and mewing like a kitten, licking my face and rubbing her nose on mine THEN settles down next to me to be scratched. When she gets bored with that she walks along my pillow stepping on my hair and starts biting my head and hair. Then we start over again. Makes me want to go to bed an hour early so I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour
I know she's just showing me that I'm her favorite peoples
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LOL needless to say I had to come and look at this thread because of the title!

My 5 month old, Tales, is exactly the same.
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