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Cell phone companies?

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I currently have Verizon. I have been loyal to them for years now, but I have increased activity and now my bills are averaging 150-200 a month. I do not have a land line, nor do I really wish to have another one again.

While I could upgrade to a higher plan, I'd still go over my minutes, just not by as much. I was all ready to go over to Cricket, but a friend pointed out that they have yet to expand their service into the majority of NW Washington (we go up every year to Puyallup, kinda near Seattle... but that's nearly the only time, although I'd love to go up there more). I'd do one of the higher plans which will give me unlimited coverage where my best friend is (Reno) and where my family is (SF/Bay Area). The only hiccup would be that annual trip up north. I got a little snippy (this is over on Facebook, as I asked about Cricket there) and asked her, 'well, if not Cricket, then what? Give me options."

No response yet, but she's not online. I looked at Boost and Metro PCS... not really impressed...

So, any suggestions? I'm reasonably impressed with Cricket, but I want to hear stories... I want to hear what different folks have/had. I'm perfectly willing to pay the early termination fee with Verizon at this point. I can't keep having huge bills.

Any comments?
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I have T-Mobile, Unlimited minutes, national plan - $49.95/month. I used to pay $99, but they just opened this promotion last month... I love them and their service - I've been with T-mobile for many years.
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Can't really help you as I'm with a regional carrier. Mine is 600 minutes for $39.95/month.
If I travel out of state I pick up the plan for $10/month versus paying for it all the time.
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What is your average usage per month? I'm with AT&T and I have tons of roll-over minutes but that's mostly because the people I talk to frequently are also on AT&T so my minutes aren't charged.
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I have T-Mobile like carolina, and while I do not use my cell phone that much, i have a really old plan that is 75 minutes for $19.95 I love T-Mobile. anytime I called customer service the reps have been very pleasant and answered all my questions (unlike my previous carrier, not getting any love there if you get my drift ) the only problem is that there are gaps in T-Mobile's service, but that doesn't bother me since i use it so infrequently I think I've been with T-mobile for alomst 8 years
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ATT has the best reception IMO, i travel alot so thats important to me. I dont have a full contract with ATT but i use the ATT go phone.
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I think, in the end, I'm going to stick with my plan of going to Cricket. They offer the best plan for the least money. Even the AT&T Go Phone plans are limited and the biggest one is more $$ than the Cricket plan I'm looking at. T Mobile also didn't have anything comparable. I looked at the 'low cost unlimited ones, like Boost... and they didn't impress me in the least.

My only challenge will be to see how i can keep my current phone instead of downgrading to a different phone.

Thanks everyone,

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