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Question about children's vitamins

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We just found out that our son has eaten 40 children's chewable vitamins sometime since I bought them a week ago. Our son is 10...yes TEN, not two, but 10. *GRUMBLE* Should we be worried? We have no idea how many he has eaten at once, if he has eaten them gradually over the last week or if he has been eating a ton all at once, or if he ate them ALL at once. He won't tell us. We plan to call his doctor tomorrow, but should we do anything in the mean time? Is there anything we can do at this point?
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do they have iron in them?? what is the normal dose??
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I can't tell you what you CAN do, but I can tell you I did the same thing at about age 7. I don't remember ever having to go to the hospital for it and I'm still here, but that could be the first and only time I've ever gotten an enema! I ate the bottle over a period of a few days though...if you think he may have taken them all today you may want to call the emergency room and get their advice to make sure.

Hopefully another parent that has been in this situation will chime in soon and give you some idea. In the mean time, many for you. Wish I could be more help.
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The only vitamins that you really need to be concerned about are the fat soluble ones such as vitamins A and D. It is possible for children to overdose on vitamins such as these but the possibility is so unlikely because kids tend to not really get their recommended daily allowance of vitamins via food.

Even if your child is getting “100 percent†of vitamins A and D in their children’s multi in addition to extra doses in milk products, juice drinks, cereal, and granola bars, these amounts are not very likely to lead to a serious problem.

Iron however is something to be concerned about. Too much iron can lead to fatal poisoning. This type of poisoning is actually a leading cause of death in children under six.

My advice to you is to throw out the chewable vitamins which appear to kids to be more like candy than medicine and pick up actual pills that he has to swallow instead of something that tastes yummy that he can eat like candy.

Also, just to be on the safe side, I would recommend contacting the local poison control centre in your area or your hospital emergency and tell them what he's done and see what they say for you to do.
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