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Worried about Ally's growth

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Ally is about 6 and a half months old. Probably closer to 6 and 3/4 months.

Ollie is only 5 and a half months old. She is now only 2/3ds his size, maybe I'd even go so far as to say 5/8ths.. but that might be exaggerating. I'd have to really measure and weigh them to be sure. In any case, Ollie is growing MUCH faster than she is.

I'm just a little worried about her ultimately being teeny if she doesn't start growing fast.

I don't care so much about her size itself, but rather any possible health issues that might arise. Do the same type of health issues present themselves in super-small cats as in people that suffer from dwarfism or similar lack of normal growth?

She also still eats so little. She's healthy, but her appetite is not like Ollie's. He is my Hoover food vac whereas she isn't picky, but just doesn't eat much no matter whether she likes the food or not. I think her stomach must be small preventing her from eating more than a small amount at a time.

Anyways, she's just getting closer and closer to being full size and she's still so incredibly small IMO. It's cute and all, but I'm thinking more in terms of what will the future hold for her.

Should I consider taking her to the vet to see if she needs growth hormone or wait until she's older before worrying?

I know she's still very young. I just remember that my cousin was originally projected to be slightly under 4 feet tall or something scary small, and my aunt and uncle were reluctant to put her on growth hormone, but when they finally did, they had kind of missed the boat. She grew with the hormone, but is still very small and would have had a chance at more "normal" size had they acted sooner when she was much younger. She's about to graduate from high school and is maybe 4' 4" or something like that. She could have been several inches taller had they acted sooner. I don't want to make any mistakes with Ally.

I see the feral cat that comes around my house a lot because she lives across the street (my neighbor takes care of her to the point that she even lets them pet and hold her now - she's basically become their outdoor cat over the last year or 2). Anyways, my neighbor saw her grow up feral as a kitten and says she was the runt. She's more than twice Ally's size. For Ally to be at almost 7 months and that cat being more than twice her size as the runt, scares me for Ally's sake.

Dunno what to do if anything.

I think if there was any place that would know, it would be where Ally and Ollie is going to be treated in Minneapolis for routine vet care. At the U of Minnesota vet-school clinic. Surely they would know if I should do anything as they'd be on the cutting edge of veterinary science.

I probably can get Ally in there for her first visit at the end of June as we'll be settled in then.
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I would suggest talking with the vet...

Likely Ally is just a small little lady
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are there any health issues that might arise as a result?
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I feel like you might also be focusing on the fact that she will stop growing at 1 year. Chances are she will continue to grow for a bit longer--and you may be amazed how much she grows in the next 5 months.

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Some cats are just small, some are small due to problems when they are young, and some are small due to chronic malnutrition.

The odds are good that she falls in the first category.
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My Oreo weighs less then 6 pounds and she will be 2 in August.
She has fkcs that caused her to be small though.
Males get bigger then females also.
My Smokey was only 4 pounds full grown and she lied 11 years.
She was a feral but did not have any health problems.
you can ask the vet but she should be fine.
How much does she weigh now?
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Dunno if this helps one way or the other, but for comparison: Pumpkin weighed in at 6.2 pounds at her last checkup. She's 20 months old (going on 2 years), and seems fully grown. She might weigh a tad more if she's just eaten or hasn't been to the litterbox. She's not starving; there's always grain-free dry food available. Vet says she's healthy, if small and slender.

She might have had problems as a kitten... we adopted her off the street at ~7 months, and her history before that is anybody's guess.
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I have three cats (obviously??) and my two males, Mickey and Dusty, are Mutt and Jeff. They eat the same amount; if anything, Mickey kicks Dusty out of his bowl and finishes his off on a regular basis. Dusty is FAT CAT, Mickey is the skinniest thing I have ever seen. And smaller. Smallest male cat I've ever had. I've tried for 4-1/2 years to fatten him up.

They are all different. You can ask the vet, but IMO she's just going to be petite when she grows up (like I wish I was!)
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We recently adopted a 10 month old who weighs 4 pounds, 7 oz and our vet doesn't think she'll ever weigh more than 5 or 6. She didn't indicate that there was any reason for concern.
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Theres a little girl 2 doors up from me who's owner got her the same time as i got Jack. She's tiny compaired to him, and even Jack's bigger in length and height than my girls and he's the youngest.
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No, I have never heard of it being a cause for concern re: health. Fiona is petite also. Eats like a bird. I am always hovering to make sure she eats everyday. I am a worry wort. The boys are HUGE compared to her. She is a little over 7 pds and about 5 yrs old. She is a spaz and while enjoys her food is always on to the next thing!

I agree with the other poster you will be suprised how much growing she has left. But it sounds like she will always be petite. It shouldn't be an issue but when you see your vet it won't hurt to voice your concern. To put your mind at ease.
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I'd check with the vet on the next visit when you hit Minneapolis, but my little Dharma, adopted at 4 years old, is smallish - maybe 6 pounds - but vet says she is healthy and happy, no reason for concern, and is just small. She also only eats when she's hungry, not like my hoover boy. I leave dry food for her always, and make sure she gets some wet food twice a day, and she's quite the grazer....but the only food I've ever seen her truly gobble down is cooked chicken or turkey, which is a special treat (well, roast chickens don't come with a taurine glaze yet, I don't think)

Yes, it is sort of funny watching her chase my boy, who is twice as big as she is - he's got long legs, a fairly long body, and a big head, literally - but he runs when she chases!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Some cats are just small, some are small due to problems when they are young, and some are small due to chronic malnutrition.

The odds are good that she falls in the first category.
I agree problems when they are young can cause this type of thing, I can relate with what happened to one of my cats- I had a bottle baby a very long time ago and I was only 13 years old and I didnt know much about how to take care of bottle babies so I think before the kitten was 5-6 weeks old she was a bit malnourished due to my inability to feed her the same way a mother cat would and the fact that I fed her with cow's milk rather than KMR (I feel bad but I didn't know any better plus she was a stray whom I was not allowed to take home so I kept her in my yard)..Anyways those first 2-3 weeks of her life made a big difference and she was tiny all of her life. I think you should talk to your vet about what you can do to make sure she is as healthy as can be because I know you took her in when she was young- you never know what could have happened to her before you found her, maybe her mother was leaving her longer than she should be, etc..So it's best to find out if your vet confirms the fact that she is small for her age and to see what they think is best to be done about it.
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