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Call it anthropomorphism if you like...

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...but I really do believe Cindy apologized to me -- profusely.

Cindy is the mushy one in our family, and she's definitely Mum's girl. But she's also a tortie, so the mush is on her terms, thank you very much.

One of the things she especially likes is for me to sit on the edge of the bed, while she flops with her back against my leg, her legs wrapped around my arm, and collect belly rubs. She can take that for ages, and if there's another hand to spare for the rest of her bod, so much the better. Eventually she has enough and kicks my arm away. But every so often she gets so into it that we go on too long and she gets over stimulated. My fault for not realizing we've gone on that long and stopping before she flips, but there you are.

Anyway, such was the case the other day, and when she flipped, she gave me a pretty good bite. No broken skin or anything, but I knew I'd been bitten. So, I just got up and went about my business, and let her chill.

When I came back into the bedroom to sort laundry, she was nowhere in sight, but when I went downstairs, she was there and as soon as I had got a load of laundry started and come back into the family room, my girl was all over me, with mush, rubs, hugs, cuddles, purrs -- THE WORKS -- and it was at least a half hour before she let up. She's a mushy girl when she wants to be, but that performance was above and beyond everything There was no question in my mind that she knew she had crossed a line and was apologizing. Of course, I told her it was OK and there was nothing to forgive.
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I'm not so sure that they apologize, I think they act like they are sorry because, after all, it's "what's in it for me?" with them. And if you're mad, no more tummy scritches. Yes, I'm carrying your anthropomorphism to another level!

Pinky is my over stimulation biter/scratcher. Over the years, he's learned that I just walk away when he does this to me. But now you can see that he tries so hard to stop himself cause he knows what the end result will be, but sometimes he just can't help himself. He gives me the ashamed look when I walk away from him now. And yes, I feel sorry for him so I always give him another chance. And he knows it.
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Aww thats so sweet ..... I believe she was, too. As we all know they are so intelligent. I wish mine would feel a little apologetic when they decide to walk across my face while Im asleep or when Kiko is giving me head bumps on my face, trying to wake me
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I think they apologize too. Well, sometimes. Sometimes I think they really do feel bad about being naughty (depending on the cat and the act). Most of the time they are only upset that you yelled at them or walked away from a perfectly good lovin' time on them.

Call it whatever you want, but I think Cindy felt bad for hurting you. Maybe not for biting you when she was overstimulated, but for hurting you. That's a pretty good apology, I have to say!
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