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TICA and CFA Shows NW Region - Anyone coming?

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Here are the shows that are within reach of me. I'd rather not fly to shows if I can at all help it. If there is anyone local to me, would love to share expenses.

I am seeing that TICA is far more convenient for me on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Man, I wish CFA had a bigger presence here. ACFA has an even smaller representation around me.


June 13 - GEMS Phoenixville, PA (Flying in)
July 18/19 Seaside, OR
July 25 Seattle, WA
August 15 Portland, OR
September 26 Portland, OR
November 7/8 Salem, WA
December 5/6 Portland WA


June 27/28 Sidney, BC
July 25/26 Edmonton, AB
August 8/9 Langley, BC
October 3/4 Sidney, BC
October 10/11 Tukwila, WA
October 24/25 Calgary, AB
October 30/31 Portland, OR
November 13/15 Richmond, BC
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I am thinking of doing one of the Oregon shows.
My mentor wants me to go to Oregon with Cleo.
I am not sure when it would be though because I need someone to take care of my old Crf cat.
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I am planning on going to the TICA show in Edmonton to show my Sphynx girls for their first time. I am so nervous!!
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Susan showing is easy after the first time.
I do not now about TICA but I learned a lot about CFA very fast.
I might try the July 3rd TICA show in Reno.
It is 3 days but I do not know tomuch about TICA.
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I think what I'm freaking out about is the whole scoring thing, and what do I enter my girls as--Novice or Champion???? If one of my cats wins during the regional show, is it better than a normal show score or????? I have so many silly questions, I feel like I won't find out a thing until I go and then look like a huge fool asking the person benched next to me what it all means LOL
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I can find out.
My Mentor showed in TICA last weekend.
I only now CFA sorry about that.
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Here is what my mentor said.
As for your friend, if the cat she is showing is less than 8 months old she will enter it in Kitten class. If it is an adult she will enter it in Novice as this will be the cat's first TICA show.
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Thanks Jackie! Can you ask your mentor about the points in the Novice class if they are as much? And, what can a person say about the cat if they win a couple ribbons in Novice...will it help the future kittens' pedigree? Will anything other than a win in Champion class give me something to "brag" about when selling the future kittens?
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I will email her now.
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She does not know for TICA.
I can ask Jen though.
Jen emailed me info on TICA last week but I got confused.
She shows in TICA all the time.
For the rest of her questions, I don't have a clue! All I know is how to enter. She needs to talk to someone who regularly shows in TICA
I just emailed Jen your posts.
She will know for sure.
She is a sphynx breeder and shows only in TICA.
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I was only in one TICA show with my Cornish Rex only cause it was local and I wanted extra points for the Breed Club awards. Never registered Spooky in TICA.

He did well - finaled in almost every ring even if I hadn't a clue as to how to add up points. But someone at the show told me by the end of the day he had gotten enough points in one show to be a Grand Champion!

I didn't think it should be that easy to walk in as a Novice and go home as a he was an "unofficial" TICA
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I am still waiting for Jen to write back.
I am still so confused with TICA even though she gave me advice.
Susan will you show in CFA also?
I understand that now.
I Cleo won anything in Tica I would not know either.
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I would show in CFA if there were ever CFA shows near to me...and by near I mean within an 8 hr drive. I have looked and there is nothing. I am going to be registering all of my cats in CFA once their corrections have been made and mailed back to me on their registrations and pedigrees. I will then be able to register any future litters with both associations and allow future owners both registries to show in.
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Here is the info from Jen.
I think it was for Cleo.
I wrote her back and said you are a breeder and your cats are not altered.
Points are point weather you are novice or a supreme grand champion,.
The title of champion is nothing.
It as easy one to achieve.
Now Supreme grand that something to brag about.
You will be showing you girl in the alter class as a novice,
She has not earned the tittle of champion yet is she is to be shown as a novice.
Winning in a regional show is the same points as winning in a regular show but you know you have to beat better cats.
The tittle scores will be exactly the same but the region scores which are scored slightly differently will be higher in general but not for certain.

There are no winners ribbons for TICA so do not look for them <G>
The only ribbon you may get are finals.

Don;t freak about scoring,.
Just write everything down I told you and send it to me.

I need judges name
color placement
division placement and weather ring is AB or SP

I will make you a sheet to write the info on
I am sending the sheet in this email
Print it out and fill it in and I will tell you what you scored OK?
You can take them to every show if you want.
Print one out for each show.
The judges name and weather they are judging all breed or specialty will be in the catalog.
Judges names as well as teh ring number and weatehr they are judguigb all breed or specialty will also be printed in an easy to see place at ring side in each ring.
If yuo get finasl write them in the appripriate palce ion teh sheet for me in teh ring you got them in please.
Listen to announcements for any changes and take note of them but their rarely are any changes.
Do not freak out this is EASY!
and I will help you ok,.
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