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First Kitten

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We have just gotten our very first kitten. He is 12 weeks old and a blast to have around. We were wondering about starting a kitten baby album. Anyone have any ideas?
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Here is a link for you-

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Thanks a lot....they grow and change so quickly, I wanted to be able to keep it for years to come.
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Make sure you take LOTS of pictures! You can never have too many, especially of when they're babies. They grow so quickly!

By the way - Welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Welcome to the site! I agree with Jenn - take lots and lots of pictures. They grow up SO fast!!!
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I provide baby books with each kitten I place. It includes photos from newborn to 11 weeks, shot records, spots for their firsts, car ride, new home ect, places to put business cards for the groomers, vet, pet sitter, breeder, favorite pet shop ect. This way if you need to look up anything on the kitten it is all handy and in one place.
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Hi Welcome to the boards. I just know that you are going to love it here. Post lots of pictures.

Love my kitties
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Take Lotttttssssss of photos and bore all your friends silly with isn't he/she so cute (we do it all the time)
Also remember when they are destroying your home, It's THEIR home now, and they will grow up al to soon, so ENJOY the mahem!!

Welcome to the site
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I have been taking tons and tons of pictures...I am so glad I got that digital camera or the photo lab would be sick of me by now. He is so much fun and he makes me laugh constantly. He has really brought the family closer together too.
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Welcome to the site. You didn't say if you were interested in an online album or hard copy album. My Mom does scrapbooking for the entire family if you want any ideas for that.
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Congrats on your new kitty! They're so cute and so much fun! When I got my cat, she was already an adult so I missed the baby stage. But I take lots of pictures anyway and in just 7 months I have tons of scrapbook pages for my cat already! You can get a lot of cool 3D stuff at scrapbook stores that make the pages fun.

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TTMom, I am really interested in a hard copy...any ideas would be great. I have one started but I just can't seem to come up with ideas.
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Hey! You have a digital camera! Where are the pictures? We demand to see kitty pictures!!
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Hey, welcome to the Cat Site!!!
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Here are some websites that may help--I like the last one best because they really do use kitty pictures.

Membership Site


Kitty Ideas

And now a site just for pets and scrapbooking:
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Wow Ericka....those were some amazing pages. I can't wait to get started on Comet's book. I will get some pictures to you guys as soon as I can. Comet is a great kitten, growing so fast, I can already tell.
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Greetings from Simba Mom!
Lets see some Pictures!
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Hi and Welcome!
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congrats on the new kitten and welcome!!
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Congrats, what's your babeys name? Pictures Please

Thank You ...

Welcome!!!!!!!! BTW. Sam.
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