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Creamy's Coccidia...  

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As some of you know I recently lost two kittens, one to an accident and one to coccidia. Creamy also has coccidia, He's the brother of the kitten who got smuched by the other cat. I couldn't stand loosing him and his mom is still mourning his sister. Though his coccidia didn't seem to affect him so much I'm getting worried. We woke up and went to feed the fosters and low and behold he was just laying there on his side. We picked him up and he was fine, alert and responsive drank 3cc of KMR. Had a lunch to go to so I put him back with the mom and run out. Came back and he was nursing from one of the traveling mom's (they're adorable!) Saw me and got up and walked to me. He isn't loosing weight any more but he isn't putting any one either.

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Sorry it's taken so long to respond. That sounds like coccidia to me. I hope your rottie has seen a veterinarian as it's easily treatable in environments with few animals (I run a foster home for rescues and have many animals which is why it's hard to knock out.)

There is oral medication that is usually given for around 10 days. Coccidia is a bacteria that flourishes in the intestines causing white, cottage cheese like poops, often with blood and mucous. That's about as much as I know about it scientifically.

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Coccidia Symptoms? Treatment?
Hi, I am new to this forum and so far am really enjoying it. Anyway I might have a problem....... I purchased a 6 week old male rottie last Friday, and in the past 2 days his stools have become yellow to light brown in color soft with mucous in them. Also, last nite we noticed a piece of a small looking red thread which was blood. Right away I am thinking the worst, Parvo, although a couple of people said it can be worms, and that is what I'm hoping for. I have been very careful not letting Barron roam, or letting other animals near him. Does anyone know what this could be? We do have a vet apt. tomorrow. Please help!
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As some of you know, We have been battling a Coccidia outbreak in my house for about a month now. I already lost one kitten and I understand now that it's not the coccidia that is killing them, but rather the malnutrition and dehydration that occour with it.

We came home from dinner and Dave's mom found Creamy head back and arms limp. She immediatly went "He's DEAD!" from half way across the room. I went over and he was still breathing. Barely. I've given him about 1 cc of sub-Q fluids and I'm making him as comfortable as I can but he keeps stargazing, it's where the animal looks upwards, as if watching the stars. It seems to happen when he seizes-- but it's not a typical seizure that I'm used to seeing, his front and back legs go, like a dog dreaming. He's not supporting his own weight either.

I'm not looking for medical advice, this was just the only area that seemed appropriate for my post. I'm pretty sure that he'll be joining his brother and sister over the rainbow bridge. I believe now that this litter was just compromised from the start, maybe they were more inbreed than the person who turned the mother over led us to believe. It's the side of rescue work that I hate, the inevitable product of some people's total and utter de-de-de. I feel so helpless, It makes me wish I had stuck it out and finished my Vet Tech degree-- but what then? the only thing I could do for him would be to put him to sleep. I feel so powerless; I have no authority to take him to the veterinarian, no money to take him my self... I know that I have done all in my power that I could for him with the forcefeeding and the sub-q fluids (which I wish I had been able to get for him much sooner) but I feel like it's not enough. Here he is laying next to me in half a cat carrier with warm bottles around him, propped up just staring at me. There isn't anything more I can do for him.
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I'm so sorry for you and Creamy. It must be so hard to watch a kitten lose its struggle - I can't even imagine.

Hugs to you and Creamy and tons of thanks to you for giving these kittens a fighting chance at a decent life!
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Poor wee sweetie. to you for all your efforts -- even when you can't save them, you make their little lives better -- even if only for a while.
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He just passed in my arms, I was really hoping he'd bounce back.

Please make all further comments to this thread.
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This thread has been closed.

Rest in Peace Creamy.
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