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My cat Razpy & I are having a disagreement..

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and would like your input:

Is Razpy Bad??
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Razby wins in my book! By his own testimony!
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Haha! Those pictures are absolutely adorable! I love the captions! Razpy has such character! Oh my, thanks for that big smile it put on my face.
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although he is threatening me with a libel suit over it..

What IS Razpy???
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Very clever, perhaps you should call this cat Razz-A-Ma-Taz.
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Both pages are very well put together... Razpy is one clever little kitty
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I love both links! Talk about a character. I really love the first picture of Razpy on your Razpyutin Revealed page... it's too cute! :

Did I mention you're awfully creative?
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*chuckle* Raz is awesome!
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I really enjoyed the pictures in both links. You have a lot of creativity!
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Lucia - these really are very, very good.

And Razpy is one handsome pussy cat. Tho I'm not sure how well he would take the comparison between him and a tasmanian devil . . .
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He issuch a sweetie in those pictures!!!!!
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Loved those! Very nicely done!
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I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the Raz/Taz site. Both sites are great! Too funny .

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did you used to post razpy roar post over at I think it was acmy pet I used to post over there right around when we first found moe and Neo and I remember razpy roar posts, was that you?
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Do you mean like these ??

Yes indeed, that was me and my mootant bad-boy!
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he was just a kitten back then! Moe and Neo are HUGE now. They were little skinny kittens back then. I think my name may have been wigglepooh or I might have just went by Val on that board, i can't remember that was such a long time ago! He got so big and is as cute as ever!
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Looks as if there IS a Tasmanian devil, in the woodpile!
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*clapping my hands*
Job well done! Love the pics and the funny captions too boot!
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Cute and funny!! Thanks for making me laugh .
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Wow, Lucia, you have a wonderful talent for making those sites!

Raz looks like a Taz - sooo funny!

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Those are some very cool and very creative webpages. Well done! And what a cat!
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I'm glad that you enjoyed the sites..I have more, since Razpy, short for Razputin is a world-class cat character. I feel like I live with 4 cats and a whirling dervish. Most recently, he's enjoying chasing the other 3 boys around the apartment, trying to bite them right on the butt. (He'll settle for the tail in a pinch.)

Here are a few more:

Razpy's guide to plant eating (in cat dialect)

Celluloid Boids
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