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What a Stinker!!

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I have a bedtime toy for Cammy. It's only for playing with before bed. It's a little bird attached to a stick with string. We call the bird Herman. She LOVES it! Flips out over it. I keep it in a cabinet by the fridge along with all the cat stuff.

Well, she always lays on top of the fridge, and she was last night. Jon and I were sitting on the couch and we hear her knock something off the counter, we turn around and see her flying through the air, landing on the floor with Herman in her mouth and she takes off running, trying and trying to get the stick to stop following her. It was so funny! I had to move all the cat stuff and Herman to the cabinet above the stove because there is no way she can reach it there. Even so, we hear her back at the old cabinet, opening it, going inside. She is the biggest brat ever. She sure keeps us laughing though!
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First: Bird Herman! That is so stinkin cute.
Cammy sounds so precocious! I love it! They DO keep us laughing.
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Herman the bird

The stick following Cammy around behind her

Every pic I've seen of her she looks so pretty and laid back! No way she's into stuff!
She sounds like a character!
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