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Tori Stafford case update.... suspects charged

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It has not been confirmed if she is dead or not, but it has been presumed that the child, Tori, was dead shortly after her kidnapping about 8wks ago.
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This is so scary! everytime you turn around, another child is abducted! If only my kids knew just why I am so over protective!! They always say Bu Mom......My friends are allowed to do this or that! My son is 11 and he is not allowed to leave my yard! it is so scary what can happen to children if we don't have our eyes on them 24/7!
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the first link I posted has a live feed with updates.

What scares me, is the age of the girl charged

Terri-Lynn McClintic, 18, is charged with abducting Stafford from her parents Tara McDonald and Rodney Stafford. She was also read charges of assisting Michael Thomas C. S. Rafferty in escaping the area.

Rafferty, 28, was also read charges of having abducted Stafford, and then, in Woodstock and elsewhere in Ontario, having murdered her. McClintic was read a third charge of having been an accessory to murder after the fact.
this is on all of the local news, because its been a high profile case....

Very very sad..... the girl, Victoria or Tori, has been missing since April 8th.

I know its not much, but it would be nice if the parents could have some closure instead of just lost in the abyss of not knowing.
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I hope they find her soon.

For the past 6 weeks, all I have seen everywhere I go, is MISSING CHILD Tori Stafford posters. In every window downtown.

Followed it as closely as I could.. and this news is heartwrenching, even though I knew this is the outcome that would be most likely.

My heart goes out to the family and friends.
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Hmmm, I believe I saw on the 6 pm news here that they found her body and that a guy and his girl friend have been charged with her murder. From what I recall they said that she was killed shortly after having been taken. A neighbour of the woman gave a tip to the police. He said something to them about her having told him that she had to change her hairstyle or something.
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Ok, I just looked up the news article. It seems that they are charging someone with her murder, but that her body hasn't been found yet.
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I am just guessing at this point, but I believe they may have found her. The police helicopters have been using our local OPP station as their base and the station is 2 blocks from my house so the noise from the helicopters has been incredible. We live on the last street before the farming communities so behind the houses across the street from us is where the countryside begins. They have been searching in our area and the Fergus/Erin area for the past week. Apparently the male suspect used to live in our little town.

The OPP have asked the mother for a baby tooth and a running shoe to get DNA so that would indicate to me that they have found something and want to do the DNA tests. The helicopter activity has ebbed a bit as well which makes me think they may have found her. Poor little girl. My husband was saying the other night that she must have been terrified.
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They removed a garbage dumpster but were back out today searching
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I've been at work all week so the helicopters during the day haven't been a bother but I'm not looking forward to this weekend.

I honestly don't think the female suspect is sure where the fellow dumped her. I think only he can tell them and he doesn't seem to be talking.
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