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Hi everyone - I was directed here by another cat lover.

My 3 yo female kitty and I have been living happily in my apartment since I got her from the shelter in November. She's easy going and gets along with dogs, so I didn't expect any of the issues that have come up.

My new roommate arrived two days ago with a gorgeous 3 year old female. Problems. I read the "cat introductions" thread and it looks like we started out all wrong - the new cat walked around the apartment as soon as she got here and was quite at home within hours. When my sleeping cat woke up and ventured out of my room, they were surprised to see each other (que low growls and hisses).

Within hours apparently the new cat has already claimed the west side of the apartment. My cat will barely set foot outside of my room. My cat's food and litter is on that side of the apartment. I tried to lure her with wet food, I've tried to carry her to that side but she tries desperately to get out of my arms and run back East. I've mopped, waxed and sprayed to remove the scent of the other cat, but even with the new cat out of sight, she's still very frightened.

Late last night, my cat seems to have made it West, probably to use the litter, but the other cat got out of my roommate's room and chased my cat back into my room.

It's day three -the new cat is behind the doors of my roommate's room and seems happy to stay there, my cat is still spooked and won't leave, but is her normal self while she's in my room. I've brought her food in here.

It's a rather small apartment. I don't know what to do. Is there any way to change the other cat's behaviour and to reassure my cat, and to get them to share this space?
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First thing: Don't force the cats to be around each other, like carrying the other into the room where the other cat is.

Also, get two more litter boxes. One for each room each cat is comfy in, and one in neutral territory.

Keep doing what you are doing with the feeding, keeping them seperate for now. What you could do is move the dishes everyday a little closer to each others proximity and feed at the same time. This will take a while, because you don't want to force it. If they are growling or hissing you can move the food bowl back to where the last positive position was. Try some other day to move it.

Get feliway spray and/or diffusors. This will create a calming neutral non aggressive scent for the cats. Cleaning doesn't wipe away the other cats smell, it's in the air also.

Let them just chill. It sounds good that no one has attacked the other, they are both just uncertain of the other.

Those are just a few thoughts. I am sure many others will have good advice.

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Fifis advices sounds great.

One practical advice about the Feliway Fifi mentioned. Use the longtime diffusor, not spray.

Good luck!
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Fifi I wish I'd read your litterbox advice before last night. The catwar climaxed with my cat peeing on my bed (which should have been an obvious outcome to me since she had been refusing to leave my room). uuuug.

Last night with the other kitty locked away, I locked off the corridor leading to my bedroom and took my cat into the kitchen with me. She didn't want to be there, but after seeing that my bedroom was closed off she suddenly calmed down, and relaxed with me where we were.

I also notice that the new cat had used my cat's litter box. After I scooped that out, kitty hopped in with relief.

We spent an hour or so "re-claiming" the kitchen territory (or at least making kitty comfortable there again) before going back to my room to set up a sleeping area for me on the floor. Kitty, of course, slept on a dry corner of the bed.

I'm afraid the apartment is too small to have three litter boxes in action, so we're working the two, and we'll continue trying to keep the new kitty locked up and seeing if my roommate can pitch in for the feliway system.

Thanks for your advice guys.
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One thing too about the pee bed is to make sure that you use an enzymatic cleaner. This is the only real way to get rid of the urine traces so the cat won't assume its the litter box again. You can get it at any pet store. It seems expensive but absolutely worth it to not have them peeing in inappropriate places! Good luck with the changes you are making!
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