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It's a boy!

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I brought our new boy named Marlow home from the clinic today. We found out he is a male about 1 yr old, 7.4 lbs. Suprise! no ear mites, no fleas. He got his first shots and an advantage dose just in case he wants to stay outside. I'm still uneasy about having him inside. I'm well aware indoors only would be best for him. He's in a 9sq ft pen I made for his sirgery recovery period.
Step two will be to get him used to me.
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Congratulations pictures???
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Here is a photo of Marlow trying to politely introduce himself to our indoor cat Sasha. Sasha was very rude. This was taken a few days before I trapped him. I will post some nice pics of Marlow after I unload my camera to photobucket.
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He looks like a big boy is he a tabby?? (I couldn't tell) I have to brown tabbies and an orange and white tabby all my boys are huge!!!
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Sasha, inside, is 2 yrs old and weighs 11 lbs. Marlow is a gray brown mackeral tabby.
Photo of Marlow
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Marlow's a real cutie. You've done a wonderful thing by helping him!
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you are an . he's adorable!
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I'm no angel. I'm just soft on stray cats that come my way.
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