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Orphaned Kitty

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Hello everyone
8 Days ago we had a litter of 3 under our house that was abandoned by a feral cat. The first 2 nights babies were left in a box just outside of where we found them in hopes that momma would come back..I figured she would move them when she found them. Needless to say...I ended up with 3 kittens. I guessed their age at 3 weeks, as they were just clumsily toddling along.
Unfortunately we lost 2 of them, I believe to a combination of dehydration and not advancing well to the forced weaning. The remaining girl is doing wonderfully, eating, drinking and pooping. She had always been the main "chow hound". Her mobility is now pretty fast, but she just moves because she can, doesn't seem to be exploring or playing, just looking for me or the dog to snuggle with. I have in her box a rice filled sock that I warm up for her to snuggle with. I also have been keeping a shallow dish (a cup coaster) with water there and been feeding her every 3-4 hours. I noticed she eliminates pretty much directly after eating..maybe time to introduce litter?
Now, I have never had a cat before and am working hard at training my year old pup that the kitten is not a toy! My lab was wonderful with them the first day, she kept rounding them up and trying to herd them under her belly-she is fixed and never had a litter of pups, so that natural instinct cracked me up. Now she has to stay back form the kitten since her "puppyness" keeps coming out and she wants to play.
I think I have all the bases covered on helping this little orphan girl out..any other suggestions are welcomed!
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What are you feeding her? Did you just offer cat food and not a kitten milk replacement? At 3 weeks old she really needs the vitamins and fat from a kitten milk replace. It is so great you saved her I would also be offering her some kitten milk (not regular milk) with her food. Good luck!
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to help those poor babies. I echo the previous post. Just keep an eye on the dog, would hate to loose this little darling. There is nothing like a kitten. Nothing cuter in the world! Enjoy her. They grow sooooo fast!
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Check out my website www.kitten-rescue.com Thanks for caring for this abandoned one.
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