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I feel like such a bad Meowmy!

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A little background before I tell you what happened. Rocko is very food oriented. He never meows and hardly runs unless it is after Fiona.

I ran out of dry food but had plenty of wet. I am going tonite to get some more. Rocko was confused last night when after his wet food he didn't get any 'crunchies'. I distracted him with catnip and gave him some more wet. He went to sleep eventually.

This morning I got up and gave them wet food. Went to shower, when I got out Rocko was right there. He looked at me with those big green saucer eyes and MEOWED as he walked off to the door leading me to the kitchen.

It was so sad. He NEVER meows. I apologized to him and went to get dressed, he thought I was heading for the kitchen and went RUNNING. I didn't follow, it was too heartbreaking. i knew he was heading to the dry food bowl. I finished getting dressed and went into the kitchen and he had been waiting the whole time by his dry food bowl. Again, looking up at me with those EYES. OMG! I feel sooooo bad!
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Umm, been there....I now buy another 6 pound bag of dry food to store away the day I open a new bag of food. The kitties' pantry is now much better stocked than my own.

Actually, this should make you feel better - I have windows that slide to the side to open, with no real window sills, but my two enjoy sitting right next to the screen when the window is open. I had left my bedroom window open overnight....decided to shut it before I showered this morning to make sure I didn't leave it open when I raced to work.

Couldn't figure out where Dharma was when I made my breakfast - went searching, and then wondered why my window was meowing...I had slid the window shut with my poor little girl still in there (yes, she fit comfortably)...oh, the apologies I made this morning. But I'm sure Dharma and Rocko are planning how to make us feel guilty for days to come.
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Your not a bad Meowmy!! It happens! he will be extra thankful when he does get his dry food!!
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I find it intresting that you get that response for dry food. When I forget to buy wet food and have to feed dry at night is when I get the looks like hey lady are you confused about what time of day it is? Don't feel bad, as long as you had something for them to eat.

One day I acutally left the house without feeding the cats. I had to turn around & go back home. I felt bad that day.
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The story about the window is hysterical. Good thing they have short attention spans.

I know I should get over it. I have had him for a year now. But I still feel badly about whatever life he had before. Who knows if he was fed well. I just want to make him feel secure and food does it for him.

ReeRee was looking for it too but once he realized he wasn't getting any he moved off to the next thing. But Rocko won't let it go. Oh well, he will feast tonite!
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