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Daily Thread HUMP day May 20th

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Morning peeps

Its going to be 25 degrees today and mostly sunny. There is a chance of showers but just scattered and I can handle that!

Nothing much going on today. Heading to work, and no real plans tonight. I might workout a little even though my legs are killing from my workout 2 days ago.

I suppose that is all then..booooooooring

Have a good one folks!
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Looks like a great sunny day on tap today. Still chilly this AM, but it's supposed to get to 82 this afternoon. I'm at work. I still have to finish up 2 papers and my project before my trip, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Hopefully I can have everything finished by lunch tomorrow, go to one last meeting at 3 PM, and then be free until my plane leave Sunday morning. It really just depends on whether I focus today or screw around a lot. After work, I'll head to the gym and then home for a quiet night with the kitties.
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Good Morning! I slept so long but feel so sleepy. I think I did too much yesterday without a nap but I had to take advantage of my son sleeping. He slept so well I did 4 loads of laundry & vacuumed two floors. I even had time to cut out photos that DH got for Christmas of his grandparents.

Today it's going to be nice and warm. All week is supposed to be nice. Tonight I have a doctors appt. Hopefully I can get some answers for my pain and what we can.
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I was supposed to go to see my surgeon today, for a 6wk followup, but I woke this morning and I can't drive My right hand is rebelling on me and I have little strength in it today.

Of course now I'm stressed. Around here, they charge you if you don't give 24hrs cancellation notice (I gave 2.5hrs notice) and being on WSIB I should really keep their appts. it looks bad on me when I don't.

But really, there's nothing I can do about it... Mark can't take me, the only way I could get there is by cab, and there's no way I could get approval for the $60 cab fare from WSIB.


It is a gorgeous day out, and I'm hoping my pain and swelling lessens.

hope ya'll are having better day than me.
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Lovely day here, warm and sunny already and the cats are flopped in the sunshine. I have a good day of work today, made better because of the weather.
Nat, keep those showers up there!
Have a good day everyone!
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its going to be a beautiful day here today!

I have an easy Physical Therapy and no private lessons so I only have an orchestra reherseal and graduation pratice after that.

SO I think I will come home and start working on the thank you notes from my bridal shower and spend some quality time with the kitties.
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Aloha and Good morning! I am at my boyfriends house again today. And I have to say I do love it here!
Although we got off to a rocky start this morning! His alarm went off the first time at like 7 when he doesnt actually have to get up to 7:30ish and he hit the snooze button on that one and it never went off again and his 2nd alarm (the oh crap I'm barely gonna make it alarm) which goes off at 7:45 just never went off. I dont know what that was about. Aaaand we both woke up at 8:45...So instead of having a slow relaxed morning he had to rush out of the house which sucks a lot but oh well!
Its already 60 here and is going to get up to 82 and the weather channel actually says "Plenty of sunshine" in its forcast! YAY!

Garys sister is coming up here in a bit and we are going to hit the outlet malls and do some shopping, probably meet Gary for lunch sometime, and I plan on taking the camera out and getting a lot of pictures today! I will be prepared with the Cannon dslr and my little point and shoot! LOL!

But mostly I plan on enjoying my days off and relaxing! Aaand 9 1/2 days until the beach!
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Morning All!!

Looks like it is going to be a nice day here today also.

Heading off to work in a bit, have to work until 3.

Not feeling to energetic today, sleep really lousy last night must have woken up at least a dozen times.

Nothing much plan for this evening just an early night most likely.

The kitties are having plenty of fun this morning chasing each other around the house.

Everyone have a good day
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Im sorry snake lady! You would think they would understand, it isnt safe for you to drive like that, so they shouldnt charge you for having to cancel. ::::
I am at school, i had a final at 8:45 and have another at 11 hope i do ok!! Have to ride the ponies, then home to study for my animal science final tomorrow morning! Hope everyone has a great day!
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Originally Posted by JuneBugBear07 View Post
Im sorry snake lady! You would think they would understand, it isnt safe for you to drive like that, so they shouldnt charge you for having to cancel. ::::
THank you. I did hear back from the appt. is rescheduled for July 8th..... now hopefully I don't get a call from WSIB for missing this one. But it does look like I won't be billed for missing the appt. which is good. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get in crap from workers comp now.
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Hello All!!

Is this only mid week??? Off early-ish again to to business clients and the more plant shopping. I was recommended this small greenhouse and their price were awesome. I spent $120!! And another $60 at another greenhouse (wholesale prices). So I'm at about $600 wholesale in plant material for the week. The garage is running of of floor space to put them all.

So now relaxing for a bit as a couple of coming over later this afternoon to but some of my own plants (hopefull)

The weather is very odd. Its 83F (23C) and very windy sustained at 21mph and gust right now at 31 mph going up to 45 mph!! We are in a fire danger due to the low humidity and strong winds. Why would anyone be so stupid to light a fire in this weather??

Anyhow AI final tonite is the game plan.

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Today is cleaning and laundry day. Every day seems to be cleaning day in my new place. I have a sliding door the the backyard and Butzie and her new friend, "Toughie" who lived here already, use it to come in and eat her food. The floor near the door is white granite tile and they traipse everything in!

It's a beautiful day, sunny, breezy and in the low '80's. Luckily, I have a nice view of the backyard from my computer desk. I can hang my clothes outside and be green.

I am having a late-afternoon coffee with a friend and then off to salsa tonight.
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