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Sad news

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This morning after my mom dropped my sister off at school, she came in to tell me that up on Lincoln Street (a main street about 2 blocks up from our little residential area) there were 2 cats who had been hit by cars. She said one was grey and white and the other was black and white. She said my sister was so upset and cursing how they better not be the next-door neighbor's kittens. My mom doubted that they were, since the street is like 2 blocks length away and the dead cats looks bigger to her. But this afternoon my mom went over and asked the neighbor lady if she still had her kittens, and the lady told my mom they were missing since last night. My mom told her she was sorry but she saw two cats fitting the kitten's description dead up the road She said the lady looked like she was going to start bawling.

I don't understand it, those kittens were like 10-12 weeks old! How could they end up all the way up the block? Do young kittens roam that far? Their mother has been missing for a few weeks also. I am starting to suspect that there may be a cat killer in the neighborhood.
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That the youngsters went looking for mom, and got confused and ended on the road. I won't ever forget last year as we were driving to town, we saw a dead raccoon on the road. We stayed in town about 4 hours and when we came home, next to her body we saw 4 of her babies that went out looking for mom. I was so ticked, the road was so busy so I called animal control and told them they BETTER come and remove these poor animals or be responsible for upsetting young children- she was hit pretty near a school ground. The control people came out and removed the carcasses the next day.
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But the mother has been missing for well over two weeks now, possibly longer since I haven't seen or heard her (she was in heat again) for over 4 weeks. Would they have just all of a sudden realized she was missing, then gone to look for her? My mom sugested that maybe they followed a different cat or maybe a kit fox all the ay up the road. I say the road is 2 blocks, but it's really one very long block, probably about 12 houses down (in other areas it would have been split into 2 or 3 blocks)

I don't know, it's just so sad. I hope the neighbors don't go getting any more cats, though, as they barely took care of the ones they had...
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those poor little babies
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I'm very sorry to hear about those poor innocent kittens who'd lost their mother and paid with their own lives. As much as there are thousands of cats needing homes, I'd have to agree with you insofar as some people (even though they love the cats) don't have the savvy to properly keep them. Like, what are little kittens doing out of doors in the first place?

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Oh Illusion....I am so very sorry to hear this story...the babies must have been looking for their moma....How SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor things!

*debby cries*

But insofar as keeping babies outside being not right, I must disagree...I think it depends on where you live....if I lived in town, I would never allow my cats to go outside...but I live on a farm....80 acres, and my cats all roam free, except for merlin, who is the only indoor cat, out of all of them.

I have baby kittens, they are about 6 or 8 weeks old...and they are outside. I think it just depends on where you live.
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This morning another litte girl from the neighborhood came to our door asking if we'd seen her kitten. My sister is getting very suspicious that something may be going on. My mom showed me where they saw the bodies of the other 2 kittens and they were not only way up the block, but also way up the main road (past a large field and a baseball/soccer field) So I doubt they wandered that far on their own.
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I'm sorry, but kittens that young have no business being outside. It's too bad they paid the price with their little lives. I hope those people don't get any more cats. They don't know how to take are of them and certainly don't deserve them!
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It sounds to me as though there are indeed humans who are kidnapping the cats and killing them. Everyone in that neighborhood who loves cats needs to keep an eye on each and every adolescent human male, because it will be such a person or persons who are killing the cats.

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Donna....I'm sorry, I disagree....and I will stand firmly on that....if I thought for one second I was putting my babies in danger....they would not be outside....but my kittens who are about 8 weeks old, love it outside, and they roam free, and they mostly stay on the porch, and they are in no danger, so saying that kittens that age have no business outside depends on the situation!!!!
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Mr. Cat: my sister is convinced a person is going around killing cats, but there could be other explainations such as coyotes (this neighborhood is 2 blocks wide by 2 very looong blocks long, and we are surrounded by hills on 3 sides. My mom has seen coyotes on our very street in the past) or someone got fed up with cats pooping in their garden and poisoned or trapped them (our stupid neighbor across the street asked if our now-deseased cat Clouds was the one peeing in his garage all the time, but she wouldn't even leave our yard let alone cross the street. Most likely it was the unneutered male his wife owned, duh!). But the demise of the two babies from next door is too suspicious for me. I don't even know how many people in this neighborhood own cats to tell the truth. I only see the next-door-neighbor's cats regularly, and I've seen 2 other cats besides them.

Donna: These are the people I posted about in Kitten Factory in the SOS forum a month ago, asking if it would be wrong for my family to have their girl spayed. So I agree, they are not fit to own cats!
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While you're right, every situation is different, I personally would be terrified that my babies (that young anyway) would get lost or stolen or even worse.

You are lucky that yours stay on the porch. I think if I had kittens that young, I would let them outside supervised at that age. But that is only my opinion. I live on a busy street so it's not possible for my cats to go out alone. I do take MooShoo out on a harness as well as Maya Linn. The rest of my cats are perfectly happy being couch kitties.

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Hmmm, I just posted a reply to this, but it seems to have been lost in cyberspace. So, I'll try to remember what I said...

We had a situation here in our neighborhood last spring where cats were disappearing right and left. There were so many lost cat signs up in the neighborhood! At this time, I had two male cats, Buster and Binky. Buster was an orange and white tabby, and Binky was a beautiful red point siamese. I was in the habit of letting these guys out during the night. I never let them out during the day when there was more traffic around, but felt pretty safe at night. Well, my family and I went on vacation for a few days, and my good friend from across the street took care of my dog, cats, and fish. One morning, they just didn't come back for her. These boys were both neutered and never strayed too far from my yard. When I got home, I put up signs and scoured the neighborhood, but we never saw them again. I cringe to think of what may have happened to my babies.

From this horrible experience I've learned not to let my cats out as long as I live in this neighborhood (and it's a nice neighborhood). Maybe if I lived in the country I would, but I just don't trust people in the cities anymore.

It's really sad to see how common this type of thing has gotten.

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Donna, I do understand your feelings on this...but I live in the country, the nearest neighbor is half a mile away, and though I do worry about the little babies being outside, it is the only choice I have since my husband won't allow them inside.
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Dawn, I am so sorry to hear about your babies! This neighborhood is a nice neighborhod too, but bad people live everywhere.

Sateycat is a strictly-indoor cat. My frist cat, Clouds, spent her life outdoors too. She lived almost 17 years, but she was antisocial and terribly shrewd. No cat of mine will ever be an outdoor cat again, though. I think we were lucky Clouds lived as long as she did.
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