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Raw scraps okay?

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So I am thinking of eventually switching my 2yr old DSH Panther over to raw. But I was wondering if in the meantime if its okay or even a good idea to throw her some raw meat every now and then? Say I am about to cook a boneless skinless chicken breast, is it okay to cut her off a piece? How about thanksgiving? Is it okay if I give her the organs? Thanks
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Many vets here recommend feeding raw meat at least once or twice a week, many choose ready cut stir fry strips for convenience. So you'd be fine feeding the scraps until you are ready to switch over completely.
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i don't know if i would use organs as an occasional raw treat. organs are very rich and might cause digestive upset. i would stick with meat only until he has eating only raw for a while.
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Whenever we are packaging up hamburger or chicken for ourselves for the freezer, we always hand out 3-4 bites of raw hamburger/chicken to the cats and dogs. They love it.
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