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Anybody heard from GurlPower?

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I havent seen her online here as of late and am wondering how are her furbabies.
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I got a PM from her a couple of days ago. She said that she was going to Chinatown to do some shopping and etc. I'm sure she's been busy lately. Hope everything is ok with her!
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Well, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for the card she sent me. What a sweet person she is, and her cats are adorable!
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I received a postcard this week from her. I think she's busy running around doing errands and looking after her kitties!

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I just got a PM from her telling me that her new kitty is pregnant and she thought that I was a breeder.....I am not but I know some of you all are so PM her..she seemed a little worried about her new Isys.....
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I just sent her an email about delivery and some suggestions for her. Her mother in law is also coming soon so she is running around getting ready for the visit!
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Anyone heared from Shirley? I'm worried about her! Usually she's on here everyday and she's been gone for a few days now. Hope everything is ok!
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Actually, I just looked at her profile and she's been MIA since last Monday.
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She is fine, dealing with her cat's pregnancy and her out-of-town guest as well.
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WOW! Alotta kitties are going preggo on us!! LOL!!
Princey's Babies have been kicking non stop! ( I hope thats them.. LOL!! And Not The Mouse She Ate A Week Ago!! )

I hope all goes well with her kitties pregnancy!
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I am sure she will post when she gets around to....Like everyone has said..she is busy with her pregnany kitty, and she is also out of town......We miss you Shirley!! ((hugs))
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Glad to hear that she's ok. Just worried about her!
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Thank you for the update, Kathy.... I was just worried about her and Daisy and Venus and little Isys.
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