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Live PUPPY cam :)

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This is a link to one of my friends live puppy cam's.

Louie breeds boxers and rotties

The cam is only active certain times of the day tho. 5am - 10pm EST I believe.

I his dogs. Thankfully he lives nearby so I can go see em anytime I want
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Candie was feeding the pups, and I watched Louie help the one I call "Tiny"....

Now Candie is gone, and the pups are wobbling about. I'm going to ask Louie nicely if he can change the angle of the cam
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Oh I love puppycams. Ever since that Shiba Inu litter was all over the internet I've been looking for more.
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cam is live now....

the pups are sleeping.
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Gosh darnit...I saw this thread 11 minutes too late for live puppy-cam! There's always tomorrow.

But there is a video of Candie feeding the little tykes. So cute watching them wiggle about getting at the nom noms.
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Yup, he doesn't always have it up right at 10am, but its usually on throughout the day.

He's been helping "Tiny" alot and she's doing very well.
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Aw, one of the puppies was sleeping on one of his friends.
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Sleepin' baby puppies. SSSOOOO CUTE!!! They are dreamin' sweet little puppy dreams too.

I see why you call the one pup "Tiny". Gosh, she's 1/2 the size of her siblings! Many that she grows up healthy and strong.
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I talked to Louie tonight. He has 2 moms due next wk and is going to try to live broadcast one of them birthing. I myself have never seen a dog birth so I am looking forward to this. He said he would let me know when she is in labor so I can tune in.

I will update this thread when that happens
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This is so exciting! I can watch them do dream-twitches from halfway across the globe! Ooo I can't wait for them to wake up, they're so adorable Thanks for sharing
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I just tuned in, and the pups are sleeping...but I see Louie has posted another recorded clip:

I can't believe how big they have gotten already..... so cute. "Tiny" seems to be doing well, still half the size of the other pups, but looks really good. I'll have to ask Louie if Tiny is a boy or girl.
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