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I hope this is the right area

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I'm in a jam with my two cats. I am going to be away for 4 days starting Friday. I am driving my husbands car down to him in Texas. I know I have read people leaving their cats home for the weekend. But is 4 days unsafe? I have a auto fountain, and was planning on getting the feeder that dispenses food in increments so they don't run out of food.

I would have someone come and check on them, but 1 I don't know anyone well enough to do that, and 2 my cat sitter that I usually have watch my cats is on vacation and won't be back until Tuesday, which is when I'll be getting back. She has my spare set of keys, and my keycard for our gated community.

I am sick! I have made the plane and hotel reservations thinking that my sitter would be in. I don't have a lot of money either and I was going to have her check every other day. I am frantic here! I need some advice. I don't know what to do, and I'm pretty upset!
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As long as they have water and food available, they should be OK. Put out several litter boxes, though.
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I feel soooooooo guilty! I'm going to buy an extra two litter boxes and put one in my room, and one in the bathtub. They have two already, and they definitely like to poop in one and pee in the other.

I'm just so scared for them. I feed them a cup of food a day. I'm so nervous!!!
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Personally, I'd want someone checking on them. Your vet could probably give a recommendation, often vet nurses are willing to take on pet sitting too.
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I don't have a regular vet. Well not regular, but it is with Banfield Pet Hospital. When I asked them last time they didn't know and told me to look on the internet.

This is the problem. I live in a gated community you need a key card to get in. My cat sitter has the other set. I need my set to get into the complex. This is the main problem, and I can't afford to board them for four days, or even if I did two, no one would be able to pick them up and bring them into my apartment because they don't have the keys to get in. This is the problem.
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Yay! I just went to Banfield and told one of the girls that worked with my husband, she said hold on a second, and I made a deal with one of their new workers. She agreed to board my cats! I just dropped them off, they are a little sad, but they are safe! I am SO happy!
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Good news Now you don't have to spend your time away worrying.
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I run a pet sitting company and am amazed at how much trouble cats can get into when left home alone. We've one that routinely gets stuck behind the dryer and her owners refuse to keep the laundry door closed. I'm glad you were able to board the kitties! They'll be less likely to find disaster that way!
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