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I've been trimming nails on all my cats (and friends/family's cats) so long, that I can just do "stranger" cats in a few mins with no problems.

I did save a few kittens from being declawed by printing out a very good website on declawing and what the truth is! In fact, the friend had never trimmed her older cat's nails for 3 yrs and I just had her hold the cat in her lap and did her in 2 mins - with NO problems.

She recently got a kitten and they were gonna declaw till is gave them the paper. She also trimmed the kitten's nails nice when I was over there, so both cat will now keep their claws!
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I hate to sound ignorant but.. a cat has claws he is a predator this is what he naturally is do not do anything to alter this, it is totally inhumane.
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I would never declaw. Dusty doesn't scratch the furniture at all. She has several of those cardboard "planks" that she just loves! In fact they are her only toys, and she absolutely loves them.
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I'm a newbie here, but I've got to go along with the other responses. Has mom cat been completely segregated from the rabbit and dog, or has she had supervised interaction? If you have reason to believe that all he-l will break loose one day when you're not around, I would just make sure that they're all kept separate while you are out.
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