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My 3 bottle babies....cuteness WARNING!!

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Working at a emergency vet hospital we get a fair amount of stray bottle babies where Momma cat has been hit by a car. Well my first night back to work after my days off a woman comes in with a tiny basket full of absolutely adorable 3 day old kittens. Everybody at work knows i'm an awesome bottle baby mama (and a sucker for black and white kittens) so they grabbed me and pulled me up front and of course I fell in love. I called the hubby to see what he had to say, not happy but told me to do what I felt was right. All 3 babies had homes within a day so it has made it easier on me. I have 2 little girls and 1 boy. I'd like to present Dexter (moo cow), Lucy (polydactal), and Emma (she has the mustache).

all 3 of them sleeping with their SnuggleKittie

Dexter at 1 week old

Dexter at 2.5 weeks

Dexter at 3 weeks

Emma at 1 week

Emma at 1.5 weeks eating like a little piggie

Sleepie Emma after a tummy full of milk.

Lucy's feet

Lucy at 1.5 weeks

Lucy at 3 weeks sorry its blurry and yes she is HUGE
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OMG! I am so in love! I also love the names you choose too. If only I had room for 3 more kitties!
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That cuteness warning wasn't nearly large enough!

I so want a baby kitty!!! If I thought Chynna would accept one I'd run right out and adopt one! But while I think Abby would, I know Chynna wouldn't. She never really accepted Abby, even after 11 years
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I'm another sucker for black and white babies (of all ages). I saw the pics of Dexter and thought "Oh, he's definitely my favorite. Can't get cuter than that!" Then I saw Emma. Aaaawww! Then I saw Lucy's little pawsies.

Oh it's a good thing these babies have homes lined up, because I might have had to kitty-nap them if they didn't!!
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Awwwwwwwww, black & white babies! They are so precious. I think Emma is my favorite, but Lucy is awfully big and cute, too. Then again, Dexter is a doll! Good on you for taking care of these babies.
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omg!!! they are so adorable
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I want them!
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Cow kitty Love em.....

so precious, n' cute, n' loveable, n' kissable, n' huggable....

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Oh they are far too sweet! I just want to snuggle with all 3 of them!
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thank you everybody, they are all pretty good. Emma has a bit of an attitude on her and right now I think it is because she is having some gas issues...her poor lil tummy is hurting her all the time right now. I'll keep this updated as they grow. I can't wait for another week or so when they will be running around chasing each other and playing. This will be a first for my hubby to watch so it will be a great experience
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
I want them!
AH You didn't call dibbs!!

I love those names!
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Awwwww! They are so cute! And 2 girls and a boy, just like my 3 darlings! My goodness, how they grow in such a short time!
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Look at those adorable little fatties! They're absolutely precious!
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They are beautiful.
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