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Squee's poopy butt

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I'll admit it: Squee has a poopy butt. Every month or so she'll get a "crusty" - that is, a ball of crusty poop stuck to her butt. Not her butt fur, mind you, but her anus. And frankly, it's disgusting. I know she cleans her butt because I've seen her do it before, so I don't know what the problem could be. She eats the same food as Scratch and she doesn't have problems with her poop.

And about 20 minutes ago I was walking around calling for her because I couldn't find her. A few minutes later she appeared out of nowhere - I'm assuming she was using the litter box. And then I noticed she had a little bit of diarrhea coming out of her butt. When I went to go get some wet paper towels to wipe her bum, she sat on the linoleum and got some poop on the floor. She turned over and was going to lick her bum, and I went, "NOOO! SQUEE!" and she stopped, and I got the honours of wiping her poopy butt.
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At least she didn't sit on the couch... or you bed!
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
At least she didn't sit on the couch... or you bed!
She was cuddling with me in bed this morning.
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Ooh... hopefully that was pre-poopy butt.
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Nova has grooming issues and I get to wipe both her bottom and her lady bits! She hates it, and yowls as if I'm hurting her.
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Well you are her Meowmy
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This has happened with Jake, I've had to change the sheets of my bed many times because he has come to sit on my bed after having diarrhea...
He has also sat on the floor but we have wood floors so I just wipe it off. In general tho he is okay in keeping his butt clean and this only happens when he has bad diarrhea. I dunno what could be causing Squee to have this problem all the time...
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