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RIP Hagrid :(

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One of the kitties from my feral colony died this morning I was dropping DH at work (which is right near my colony), and saw Animal Control there - I volunteer at Animal Services, so knew the officer. I stopped to ask him what was happening, and he said he had a report of a dead cat on the road but couldn't find it.

After I dropped DH at work, I fed my guys (I normally only feed at night, but they're always there), and one was missing

I went searching, and found her body - someone must have moved it off the road. The officer came back to take her away, and she was very limp rather than stiff, so it must have just happened this morning.

RIP Hagrid, you were such a beautiful girl, and your siblings will miss you.

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oh, I'm so sorry At least she didn't die hungry RIP Hagrid!
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That's sad. I'm sorry for your loss. Beautiful cat!
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Poor baby, she'll be safe at the bridge now Sarah

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I'm sorry Sarah.

Play happily at the Bridge, Hagrid.
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So sorry Sarah
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What a beautiful fluffy tail. RIP, Hagrid.
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Hagrid.
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R.I.P Hagrid Now your an angel!!
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She was a pretty cat. I'm sorry, Sarah
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I'm so sorry, Sarah.

That breaks my heart. Rest in Peace, beautiful Hagrid.
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I'm so sorry to hear this! Rest in peace little one.
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I'm so sorry!
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{{{{{Sarah}}}}} I'm so sorry. Hagrid was a very beautiful kitty. I wish she'd had more years here. But she's now safe at the Bridge, more beautiful than ever, playing happily with other kitties there. And she'll never forget your loving care -- she'll be waiting at the Bridge for you, along with your other furangels. Bless you for all you do to help ferals.


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RIP Hagrid! Play happily and forever safely over the bridge!

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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
oh, I'm so sorry At least she didn't die hungry RIP Hagrid!
Thats right. She was taken care of and loved. She was a really pretty girl.
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Awww I'm so sorry for your (and her siblings') loss. Hagrid was a beautiful cat.

Rest in Peace, Hagrid
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RIP Hagrid!
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