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Daily Thread Tues May 19th!

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Morning peeps!

Well it's already Tuesday and only 4 days of work this week

It's going to be sunny and a little warm today..nothing to get excited about but it should be nice out.

I think we will go for a bike ride tonight...we are getting a little mushy and need to get into shape for the wedding

Anyhoo, have a good one folks!
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Its sunny and gonna be breezy again. I have 30 min to get ready, finish loading the truck and be at first client! (good thing its less than 10 min away).

Then work 10-4 and a couple of ladies coming over to buy some plants after work.

The boys are resting comfortably on the bed and the girls still outside.

Have a good one!!
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We're chilly this morning with a low of about 40 F. I've had to pull out the blanket and my jacket in the last two days, both things that I thought were retired for the Summer. It's bright and sunny though and supposed to be a beautiful day with a high of 70. I'll be working all day, but we have some sort of group picnic at lunch which will be a chance to get out and enjoy the weather and get a little bit of food. I haven't decided yet whether I'll leave early and take care of some errands or stay late and go to the gym yet, but I'll do one of those 2 things this afternoon. Afterward it's home to a quiet evening at home with the kitties.
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Good Morning. Wow It feels so nice to sleep till 8am. DS was up at 5am & then I put him in bed with me for another few hours. I love cuddling with him. Right now he has a full belly and is talking to his bears in the pack n play.

It's going to be a beautiful day. The cats are eager to go outside today. DH had them out back for about 5mins yesterday. They came in when the bunnies showed up.
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Morning All!!!

Partly cloudy here this morning and they a calling for rain later this afternoon..Oh yah that's all we need.

Heading off to work shortly am working 11-3 today am going to be cleaning a few items and getting them ready for display.

Afterwards I have to pick up some dry cat food, and some kitty treats.

Not sure what I am doing tonight, have a few chores that need to be done however it will depend on how energetic I am. My shoulders and hands are better this week so far but as it always seem when one thing improves something else acts up, my left knee is now quite sore.

The kitties are having great fun this morning chasing each other around the house.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning!!

I only have to work a half day today, so I took the opportunity to sleep in until 9. Now I'm going to go watch Dancing With The Stars from last night while I get ready for work, .

Tonight there will be grocery shopping and laundry. Fun stuff!

Right now the boys are enjoying their open windows. Luke is in one, Harvey in the other. And Danny is on the floor looking out, currently tearing up a magazine. *shakes head*

Have a great day all!
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good morning...
anyone wants a bit our tropical sun....
Still not rain yet around here... poor plants need it...
Nothing special for today just work and work!

have a nice afternoon!
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Afternoon folks

It is a beautiful day here.... high of 23C I think I heard....nice and sunny.
Tomorrow is supposed to be even better.

I had physio today....and that's about it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer

nothing too exciting with me today.
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