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has anyone ever seen a cat do this?

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cleo, my newest kitten, who is about 6 mo old, was dragging her butt just like a dog does when he needs his anal glands expressed. Has anyone ever had a cat that does this, or is this normal and I don't need to be concerned, or is there something I should do. I can express the dogs, but I don't think I'm crazy enough to do a cats. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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It's called scooting.

It can be a sign of worms, constipation, impacted anal glands or if they have diarrhea I find they scoot to clean themselves....and the odd time I think it's just that they have an itchy butt LOL.
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All of what Snake lady said can be a cause. With a very young cat I'd lean toward parasites or runny stools as being probable. Has she has a neg fecal test run recently? They usually deworm and do fecals on kittens as a normal part of kitten vet visits, or at least suggest that you do.

That said, I think some cats do it for fun too. Our family cat Midori has anal gland issues, and sometimes scooted for that reason. But she also loves to scoot on top of her cat nip. Why it tastes better after you've run your dirty butt over it, I have no idea... But she routinely does this when we lay out nip for her on the rug or sofa.

If you can elimitate the causes suggested I wouldn't worry to much..
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I don't think scooting is normal. If cats get a funny feeling in the butt, they usual check it out by smelling/licking it. Eww
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when mine had the runs.....they scooted, and it was gross.
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Another reason may be, somee of a normal hard stool is hanging on the behind. Usually on a hair.
They will make everything to get rid of this.
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My kittens with Coccidia do this, so please if you haven't done so, get a fecal checked ASAP. I've already lost one kitten to it, it sucks.
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Yeah, the causes are usually innocent. But there are also causes not so innocent, as folk here have vitnessed. Thus, if you dont find out it was an innocent cause - please do a vet check up...
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I agree with others the top three problems are parasites, anal glands, or just poo stuck in the fur. I would definatly have a fecal run first, if that's clean I'd say have a vet or vet tech check the anal glands.
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