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Boss likes to bite our hands and feet now??

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Hi! Boss have been with us for almost 2 months and every thing is great.
However, he started to bite us since last week.
It was not like he wants to attack us whenever he bites us though.
He would just take a gentle bite of our hands or feet once a while and then let go.
So I wonder is there anything wrong with such behavior??
Please help, thank you!
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Boss is playing it sounds like to me. But to discourage this behavoir have a toy handy and replace your foot or hand with the toy. He'll get the picture that toys are toys and human body parts aren't. It will take consistency and patience though. My cats still will play with my hand or foot occasionally, but they know only when laying bed is it okay (who can resist the "mouse" under the covers?). I couldn't stand for them doing it while I was walking around.
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I don't know how old Boss was when you adopted him, but if he's around 3 - 5 months old, he could be teething. When our kitties were teething, we bought a box of bendy straws and scattered them about the house. Just as the above poster wrote, when they go for hands or feet, say "no" and give him a straw. They catch on pretty quick. It's also handy to have them EVERYWHERE - teething kitties like to chew. Just make sure you toss them once they start to get a bit chewed up so he doesn't risk swallowing any little bits of plastic.

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I was going to suggest the same as Laurie (LDG). I also think he is probably teething. Bijou was a terrible little biter when he was little and the straws worked very well for him. He would also chase my feet and grab my ankles with his little needle claws and bite. I looked like I'd been in a car wreck. I would have to stop dead and loudly say no to him. It took awhile but it worked. He grew into a perfect little gentleman who is very much a lover and not a fighter.
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Hi thank you for the replies!
Boss is a rather old cat, maybe 5-7 year old, even the doctors can't really I assume that he is not teething...
And for the toy part, no matter how hard we try, Boss is not interested in any toys maybe he is too old for that?
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OK, Boss is not a teething kitten. Next question, is Boss declawed? Often declawed cats will revert to biting.
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Naw...they are never too old for toys. Just haven't found his favorite yet. Rocko is 9, I thought he would NEVER play but there is a fuzzy shiny ball he LOVES. I found his achilles! Have you tried da bird? I have never heard of a cat that didn't like da bird! Or milk rings? Thats another widely favored toy.

Ree Ree is my biter. He suprised me the other night when I was on the floor and he bit my foot! Little bas**rd.
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It could also simply be he is giving you "love bites". My older kitty, Rascal, (3 Years old) tends to do that once in a while. He is very gentle about it, and he's definitely saying "You're mine and I love you!" so to be honest, I kinda love it when he does that! Sometimes he will even give my hand a little "love lick" just one or two little licks of his tongue, while he's purring and give me lovey dovey eyes.

My other kitty Samson, will also occasionally give my hand a little "love lick" but he will especially come and rub his "lips" on my hand. He is putting his scent on me by doing that.

So don't worry, your cat may just be telling you that he loves you!
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Well, given the further context, I'm leaning towards love bites too!

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