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2 of my cats are GREAT bug hunters. I am the ultimate spaz when it comes to bugs and usually end up annoying everyone around me with my fear lol.

Capone and Bonnie take their Bug Hunting very seriously. Capone mostly just kills them, Bonnie will kill and eat her bugs and eat whatever Capone kills. They are rescue cats, both Tuxedos, no specific breed.
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Originally Posted by Roan View Post
We're hoping that they will get along *crosses fingers* at least for a while.
Farley's brother (not my cat)

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Yeah Yeah, but I KNOW what he's really thinking.....

"when they least expect it - you guys will be dinner"
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What was it they said about Angel Ocicats.......

their halo's are titled from the horns getting in the way
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Yep....... And Jackie is the #1 Angel too.
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You want your bugs gone in your house? Get a bengal. They never tire of hunting bugs and will spot it way before you do.

You won't find a bug in our house, unless it finds it's way into a room where the cats aren't allowed.

I do think you might have to keep your rats out of harms way, some bengals have a bit higher prey drive due to the small amount of wild blood they all have.

I also think that ALL cats are potential rodent killers. It just takes the right time, right place and the rodent making the wrong move.
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My American Wirehairs are both fierce and tireless hunters. They are also very "doglike" and like to be in on the action. They are smart and CUUUUUUUTE, too.

My neighbor has kittens available right now (12 weeks old now, so should soon be ready to go!) PM me for more info.

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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
You won't find a bug in our house, unless it finds it's way into a room where the cats aren't allowed.
sometimes I find my cat in that room too!
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
sometimes I find my cat in that room too!
I think we all have at one point or another.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Farley's brother (not my cat)
. . . .
Awwwwwwwwwww! Those are precious! My daughter loved looking at those and both rats are the same color as Satern, one of hers that recently passed.

Thank you!
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I'll second the bengals if you're ok with a very active cat with a strong hunting instinct, which will mean you shouldn't have any problems with bugs (or mice for that matter).

I have an indoor bengal cat and she keeps the apartment mouse and insect free, she's killed several mice, there were roadworks nearby and it seemed to shake up the mice and there was a mouse problem in the building. Didn't really affect me at all other than cleaning up the occasional dead one, they stopped coming after a short while.

Bengals are on average more of the play cat type than lapcat type but most will settle if not directly on their human, somewhere around them when they're in the mood to relax and cuddle.

The spotted ones do have that "mini leopard" look. Especially the ones with the two toned rosettas in their coats. Anyway, they aren't cats for everyone, very much not for people who think cats are low maintenance pets and mostly want a chilled out cuddle buddy but for the right people they are fantastic pets.
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I have two Siamese cats and one of my cats (the female) is an expert bug hunter. We have never had a problem with mice (not here anyway, and the cats have never lived elsewhere, except as little kittens with their breeder). She kills all bugs who come anywhere near her and will leap fantastic distances into the air. She also jumps into our laps a few times a day for a big snuggle. She looks a little wild because she is a lynx or tabbie point and has really cool grey/black/cream stripes. But she does not have cool spots like Ocicats and Bengals. I the spotties and want a few myself in a few years. In the US, Siamese purebreds are around the same price as Ocicats, in my experience. Bengals can be quite a bit more, depending on the quality of the Bengal (show or pet).

Good luck with whatever you choose! It sounds like those kitties will have one awesome home!
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Have you thought of a Kurilian Bobtail in the short coat. They are relatively new to the US but they are a lot like their Russian counterparts in the Siberian but come in short hair also and bob tailed and from what I have seen make excellent house pets with enough antics to drive the best up the wall lol and they tend to not be heavy shedders. They aren't terribly expensive as they are still going through the approval process for full registration status in the US which they have the world over in FIFe and WCF already.
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I'm certainly not anti-breeder either (as long as they know what they're doing and in it for the right reasons), but I also don't think you should judge all shelter cats from your ONE bad experience. My long haired calico is an excellent hunter.
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My Nana breeds Persians & Exotics and her best hunter is her Domestic Shorthair. My best hunter was the fattest, chubbiest, laziest little white Exotic neuter with a close second the lady in my signature, Flutterby. I don't think you can tell and like someone said earlier I think all cats have those instincts
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Originally Posted by Roan View Post
Could a breeder or two or more recommend breeds that tend to be really good hunters? We recently moved to the country, practically in the middle of a forest, and our house has a LOT of "huntables" in it.

We lost our American bobtail a few years ago and would like to get another purebred cat.

This is a horse farm, but the kitten/cat will be an indoor cat only.

Other "must haves" that are the norm for the breed:

Good with dogs (they're collies that are good with cats, so that's half the battle)
Good with kids 7 and up who are also very good with animals

Any breed recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I don't think it depends on any breed but the cat itself. Most all cats are natural hunters.
I have a DLH bi-color mutt and in the 2 years I've had her (a rescue) I never see a bug in the house. IF, on a rare occassion I see one, it's for 1 minute before it's pounced on and eaten. My 5lb cat's best friend is an 80lb, 10yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback who sleep together in the afternoons. I don't have children so I don't know how she would fare.
Just something to keep in mind
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I was actually spurred on to get my first cat (the beautiful Radar) because we had a horrific indoor mouse infestation, they were all over the place. So I don't think it's an unusual or bad reason to get a cat, as long as you're going to care for it properly in terms of food and vet care and give it some attention and affection.

In terms of breed, (and I usually would not say this in breeders corner, but this is my advice for this particular situation) you don't need any particular breed if all you want is pest control + a warm furry creature to love and watch TV with of an evening. A young adult from a shelter would be ideal as they are in their prime of life and can be very predatory, it will also already be neutered. It will need to be wormed and de-flead regularly (every 3 months) if exposed to rodents, in addition to having the usual annual vaccinations and vet checks annually or more often if it becomes unwell. And good quality food - this does not stop them hunting, a well fed and cared for cat makes the best hunter, as they will hunt for fun if there is prey to be caught and they will be in tip top condition to do so.

Now in terms of specific breeds, my most prolific hunter is part Cornish Rex. I don't think there is anything about that breed in particular that makes them great at hunting, other than they are a very athletic and active breed of cat. If you want a particular breed, then I would suggest looking at athletic slender breeds of cat as they tend to be fast, alert, and very active.
If you want a great hunter but also a very loving lap cat that will want to be be there with everything you do as part of the deal, then Oriental, Siamese, Abyssinian, Sphynx, Cornish Rex, and Devon Rex are great cats in terms of being very active at the same time as being absolutely devoted to their human family. Bengals and Ocicats are also very active cats but tend to be a bit more independent and less needy - they still love to interact with you but don't feel the need to be velcroed on to you at every moment. Burmese are also active cats. IMO though all these breeds can be quite high maintenance (very demanding of your time and attention) in various ways and if you decide on particular breeds this is something that needs to be considered.

But realistically, cats are among the most predatory animals on the planet and most cats, regardless of breed, will likely sort out or at least make a huge dent in your 'huntables' problem, getting cats certainly sorted out my rodent problem - but it's the personalities of certain breeds that makes me prefer Orientals and Cornish Rex - because of the superb companionship they give
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