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Question about fleas

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So, I found out my new cat, Matty, had fleas. He was in my house less than 24 hours before I put Frontline Plus on him (and Maddox, just in case) and I immediately put everything fabric in the room into the washing machine and vacuummed like crazy and then threw out the vacuum bag. I don't have carpet. But he's still biting his legs, and now Maddox is itching his ears. I've never had a cat with fleas before (I've always only had indoor cats), and I'm worried I might not have gotten all of them.

I put Matty back with towels for a bed 3 or 4 hours after I put the medicine on him and washed and vacuummed in his room. Does anyone know if the fleas could've still been alive and gotten back into his bedding? Do I need to wash and vaccum everything again? Will I need to flea bomb my house?
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Do not flea bomb your house. They contain poisons and frankly don't work all that well in the first place. Frontline kills fleas when they bite, so if there were some on them before you applied it, they could have jumped off and gotten back into the environment.

I would give the Frontline a little while to work then repeat your vacuuming and cleaning. It might take a little while to work out of your house. If all of that doesn't get them, you might want to look for food grade diatomaceous earth (DE). It's a non-toxic powder that can actually be ingested and does a great job with fleas (and ants and other critters).
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in the future, dose the cat before they enter your home and keep the cat contained to an area where fleas can't exchange hosts. i dose my strays at least a day before i move them inside to be fosters.
for extreme cases, frontline can take a few days to really work its magic.
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