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Please help advice needed

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Hiya I wonder if anyone could help, I recently took on a new cat which we picked up on thursday that a friend of mine felt she could no longer cope with (she already had another female that had just had kittens a tom cat and a 12 week old kitten) when we picked her up it was quite clear she was also pregnant and she gave birth to two healthy kittens =]

Unfortunately yesterday was also my sons birthday and we were in the middle of a party when she went in labour. I get the feeling all the coming and going made her worry for the safety of her kittens so shortly after giving birth to the she tried to move them from the box in the front room where she gave birth to under my daughters bed. We set up a dog crate in the front room (its probably the room we use least in the house so thought it'd be nice and quiet for her plus we can shut the door to the front room) then we put some blankets over the top to make it a bit more private for her and put the box she gave birth in into the crate and put some food and water into the front room for her aswell as her litter box, we then moved her from my daugters bedroom into the crate checked the kittens were latched on and left her too it. When I came back later she had taken one of the kittens under the sofa. I was worried the other one would get cold so i bunched up the blankets to keep it warm then left the room. When I went to check on them shortly before going to bed she'd taken the other one under the sofa too.

Should I leave them there or try moving them back into the crate?

Where she is, is not easily accessible to keep clean or to be able to check on the kittens although they do look like they are ok when I peer under the sofa =]

She's been throguh alot in the past couple of days so I want her to be safe and happy but I dont know what to do for the best.

Also I've noticed that whilst she is eating she is not weeing or poohing yet, she did have a big clearout not long before she went into labour but i'd have thought she'd of at least weed by now. Is this normal?

One last question regarding the afterbirth, I was with dinky whilst she gave birth the only time i left was whilst she was cleaning up the second kitten because the doorbell went so i didnt see the second kittens afterbirth, she did eat the first one so I guess its possible she delivered and ate it whilst I was out the room but I cant help worrying. She doesnt seem to be in any discomfort and seems quite happy (eating drinking, purring, nursing kittens etc)......
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Congrats!I'd leave them where they are until Mom calms down...they'll be fine where they are for now.
As long as she's acting normal, don't worry about the other things
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I've had females go a day or two without potty time after having babies. Be sure she has access to food and water not far from the babies. When one of our rescues decided to have babies in my boyfriend's dad's dresser drawer we left the drawer propped open, and put a food and water bowl right outside the drawer.
good luck, can't wait to see photos!
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Thanks everyone for putting my mind at ease. I've checked on dinky this morning she seems to fine. Eating lots which is good and purring lots she seems very content.

The kittens are alot closer to the front of the sofa now although still underneath so I was able to get them out and check them over. They both look fine so i'm feeling alot better today too!

I tried to take some sneaky photos with my phone but not had much luck so far, but will try and take some later with my camera..... batteries are currently charging =]

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