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Food question..

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My vet has recommended that I put my kitties on a diet to rule out food allergies for my Sammycat. They have been eating Iams since they were babies and the vet has recommended Hills Science Diet. Is this a good brand? How do you switch them to keep the tummys from getting upset?
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Does the vet sell this product? Both foods are about the same in nutrition. I would recomend comparing the ingredients and switching over very slowly. Add a little new food every day to their other food.
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Agreed, switching slowly is the best way to do it. Just remember that if the vet is doing an allergy trial, you won't start looking for any changes until about 4 to 6 weeks after they are only on the special diet. The Science Diet prescriptions work very well. You can also ask the vet about a brand called IVD. They carry a great line for allergy trials.
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Yes, switch slowly to avoid digestive problems. Hill's and Iams are about the same, though I've discovered that Hill's dry food tastes better to our cat, because there are more flavors (he loves the tuna and the rabbit flavors). He won't eat the Hill's canned food because the 3 ounce cans aren't sold in Germany, and he insists on little cans. Most vets seem to sell Iams, Hill's or Royal Canin. Hopefully you can localize the problem!
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I heard the brand wasn't very good but every veterinarin tell you different story. I think the brand is good, the kibbles has lots of fiber.....good for the cat that has diarrhea. When you switch to science diet, do it slowly. Not too fast or it will upset the cats tummy. When you put the cat on science diet, it might not like the kibbles at first but they say it takes awhile before the cat get use to them.
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i agree with the otheres, i think these brands are about the same, i just believe different vets. like different food. one will say this one is better and anopther one will say something different, but if you switch, do it slowly, mixem a little.
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I feed my cats science diet and they seem to be doing very well with it.
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