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Daily Thread Mon May 18th

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Morning All!!!

Happy Victoria Day to all the Canadian Members.

Sunny and much warmer here today which is wonderful, that cold, damp, weather yesterday was a touch depressing.

Heading off to work for a few hours 10-4. Afterwards am stopping by my brothers to meet my new Grand-niece Brooklyn, she is 10 days old today.

Tonight I have to do a couple of loads of laundry and tidy up the bathroom.

The kitties are good this morning, window watching right now.

Everyone have a good day
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Good morning.

I checked out our forecast, and there's no frost warnings.... so I'll be planting some stuff today

My DD had a friend sleepover and she'll be leaving soon.

Hmmm, have to feed snakes today. I will be so glad when the majority of them are on the same size food. With help it takes me bout 2hrs to feed... longer if I'm cleaning as well (which I'll be doing some spot cleaning).

And that's bout it on this front.

Going to enjoy the sunny day tho.... less wind then yesterday so it should be quite nice.... high of 15C which is great for me if I'm doing work outside.

I'm also enjoying having my hubby home today.... normally he's out of town. I'm glad its a holiday.

These week is going to be busy busy, and I'm not impressed with that... part of it is my fault (I have to renew my health card, but kept procrastinating... although one time I had planned on doing it after a dr. appt...but I was in too much pain to go anywhere but home).... but the rest is just cuz hubby will be away, so I have to do everything... and there's alot of appts (aside from my card renewals). Ugggggg. So yah, I'm going to try to relax and enjoy today before the 'busy'ness" starts LOL.
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Good Morning. It's a bright day today. My eyes aren't used to so much sun after all the rain we had.

DH is home resting after working in the garden yesterday.

Princess is hanging out in the dining room today. She had some yummy turkey and is feeling adventurous today.

I have tons of laundry to do today. Just have to find the laundry bag for DS's socks. I found out the hard way they fit out the washer hose. What a mess that caused last week
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Just woke up...we have a holiday here

We are just lounging around. I think we are going to work out today and then head to the Tulip Festival.
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lovely sunny day today! I had a long sleep-in, but had to get up eventually as the cats were banging on their door. They're hanging out on the balcony now bird and squirrel watching.
I have lots of housework to do today, and planting some flowers.
Have a good day everyone!
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I want a holiday!! Good Morning everyone!
This week is finals week! AHH Today I have my first one at 8:45am then a paper due tonight! Wish me luck! It has been hot here! yesterday was like 104 i think, and my work's air conditioning unit is broken, well minus two parts of hte building, where we don feel it..... Better have it fixed soon!! I dont know where all my little munchkins are, somewhere cool i hope! Have a great day everyone!
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I came in early to get started on what promises to be a fairly busy week. I have to finish the big modeling project I've been working on for a year and turn in the results. I also have to write 2 papers for a conference in July. I have to fly out of country for a week on Sunday, so I have to have all of these things done before I go, plus I have to get all of my stuff together and packed. I only travel 1-2 times a year, so I tend to stress about it because it's pretty unfamiliar. Except for the fact I'll be missing my kitties, I'll be very happy once I finally get there and can relax and enjoy life without responsibilities for a few days.

The weather is nice here today, though still cool. I too was amazed by how bright it was this morning while I was driving to work. After work, I'll hit the gym and then head home. I don't have any big plans tonight - maybe watch a DVD and then off to bed.
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After a grumpy start to my day, my work computer was being difficult , I have had a couple cups of coffee and am feeling a little better No plans today, just work and then home although I have to stop at the vet's and pick up the kitties' $50 bag of scrip food

The Bachelorette starts tonight and the finale of Dancing with the Stars is on!
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Hello All!!

A long day for me as this is probably the busiest week for me landscaping wise.
Out the door at 7:15 to the greenhouse I usually use to pick up some items, then a nursery for shrubs, drop off potting soil and chat with one of my clients. Then to the bank to deposit some check and one of the local hardware stores to pick up some veg plants.
Work 10-4. Bad news for me really windy so I had to postpone working for two clients and came home to sort out my tomato and pepper plants for a couple of clients.
When Neil gt home I took the car and bought annuals for my clients containers and a few for me. That was wholesale cost of about $300. I went in with a better game plan this year and knew how many to buy for each customer. Time is money after all!

So I got home at 8 pm and here I am!!

Another early day tomorrow to squeeze the tonite's cutomer in tomorrow before work.

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