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we have peepers!

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Cali's kittens have their eyes open! any thing I should look out for? like ive heard about strong light but is that light direct sunlight or is a normally lit room ok? I mean natural sunlight not lamps and stuff. Or is that bad too? Ahh Just tell me what to do!
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Normal light that doesn't hurt your eyes should be fine for the kitties. If it gets too bright for them, they'll just close their eyes or curl up and hide somewhere.

Do you have pictures? We love baby pictures.
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Natural sunlight is fine as long as you don't make them look at the sun or whatever Also if you take pics don't have the fash on, it can hurt their eyes too I love them at this age!
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Echo four have been opening there eyes over the past few day also. One kitten still only has one eye open but I can se today that its about to open.

They are starting to walk crawl one has already figured out that they need to get there feet under them.
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