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best way to promote this?

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As some might remember last spring I saw an interesting bird I had never seen before in my area. After a bit of online research I found that the bird I was seeing was a swallow-tailed kite. This bird used to have a wide range here in the US but that has greatly diminshed over the years. Slowly but surely their range is starting to increase again in the US. During the spring through the summer they come here to breed and nest. Then they fly back to Brazil for the winter.I have pictures of them on my cell phone I have taken of them out here but i am having issues with my cell right now. Here is a website that shows pictures of these beautiful birds:

Anyways since I first saw them and learned about their history I found that there is a big conversation efforts for these birds. And I participate in a study that tracks sightings of these birds. And actually in the past they have been out here (conservation people) tracking and looking at the areas they have been seen in. One issue I have ran into around here when I talk to a few people that I know (particulary farmers) is that their first instinct is to want to kills them because they are birds of prey. But the thing is they rarely go after animals such as chickens, rats, rabbits and the like. Their main source of food is insects and lizards. They don't have a great grip so this is easier for them.

Another issue is that people don't see how rare it became to see these birds here. They just kinds blow me off when I talk about them.

So here comes the questions. How do I promote the conservation and the website to report sightings. Also how do I get people to not be afraid of these birds?

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What a beautiful bird!! I love big birds but I don't think I've seen one of those around here...I'll keep an eye out though.

As for spreading the word...I'm not sure. If your area is anything like mine, email spreads very fast when it comes to local things. Maybe send out an email with info? Or, does your local paper have a "letter to the editor" section where you can write in and educate people? A lot of people that don't have internet (or are afraid of it) still read the newspaper regularly. That could make people aware.

Good luck!
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