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Thanks so much, Leslie.

It seems I am now between a rock and a hard place. I called the vet to find out about doing the Western Blot test, and the receptionist said I had to deal with the woman of the organization who has been helping us. I only wanted to know the price of the test - the receptionist said it wasn't on her list, and repeated to speak with the other woman.

I called the woman, told her that Butterscotch was FIV positive and she was very happy that he was not FeLV positive and that he would be fine here. I told her no... that the vet said he should NOT be put with the rest of our cats. She got upset and said Butterscotch most certainly could. When I was able to get a word in, I asked her to simply find out how much the test would be, to see if we could cover that. She is supposed to call me back. Still waiting...

In the meantime, I called another vet's office to see if they could do the test and how much it would be. They gave me the price right away, but also said that perhaps all the other cats could be vaccinated for it. We do not do those vaccines anymore because our first cat, Cookie, died from bone marrow cancer and we are convinced it was from her vaccine. BUT... they could give just the FIV part. However, this receptionist spoke with the 2 vets there, and asked me more questions about all of our cats - they are going to brainstorm to see what the best action would be for all involved.

I spent more valuable time with this person on the phone discussing it all, than I did with our own vet, who is also the vet for the organization that is helping us. The fact that he and the woman from the organization are on 2 completely different pages does not help us! But in the end... we have to do what is best for the 5 cats we already had when Butterscotch found us.

I am so saddened by all this. I keep going into his room and spending time with him, petting him, talking to him, and doing much crying in there as well. Poor baby did not ask for any of this - it's so unfair!!!
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First off everything you have done for Butterscotch has just been wonderful. He is a gorgeous cat .

FIV is a toughy because honestly it sounds scary... just as AIDS did 20 years ago when we knew very little about it and how it spread. FIV in cats spreads in almost the same exact way as AIDS is spread through humans. Sexual contact and blood to blood contact such as a wound. It can also be spread through a very deep bite in cats.

That being said it is very possible for Pos and Neg cats to live together as long as certain criteria are met. For one all cats need to be spayed or neutered. Another is that your cats must all get along and not get into severe biting wound making fights which if they are currently then you have much bigger problems on your hands .

A friend of mine had an FIV pos cat for about 4 years. They didn't even know that he was pos until he had a URI that he just couldn't shake. On a whim the doc tested him and found out he was FIV+. How long he was FIV+ is anyone's guess but since this was a cat that he had from a young age and was indoor only the chances were very good that he had it the whole time he lived my friend. They decided to be better safe then sorry and had his other two cats tested... both were neg and stayed negative until Chuck passed away. And these cats loved to wrestle, they play fought all the time and groomed each other everyday, they shared litterboxes and water bowels. The only thing they did was get tested every time they had their annuals.

Honestly get a second opinion and get another test but don't be scared of the diagnosis. FIV is not FelV and is not easy to pass to other cats. What you will have to deal with is the knowledge that Butterscotch will most likely not live to a ripe old age (Chuck died at almost 5 years old). As for vaccinating the other cats, like I said the chances of it passing are very very slim and should one of your neg cats ever get lost they will most likely test pos due to the vaccine. That unfortunately is often a death sentence if your vaccinated cat ends up in a shelter.

Good luck to you and Butterscotch. I hope you get your answers and some peace of mind.
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Dear Lynn, I had not seen this thread before and have been reading on the edge of my seat with held breath.

When I came to the post about the FIV+ I burst into tears.

yes, yes, absolutely go for the other test before making any other decisions!

At first I was going to advise you that the danger with an FIV+ cat is to the affected cat more than the other cats, since it is spread through deep bite wounds. Meaning it is Butterscotch's health that would be at risk for any small infection (since his immune system is compromised), your cats would not catch it by...say sharing a litter box or water bowl..

But then I read that your cats fight, and yes, that could be a problem.

My gosh I cannot believe, after all this, that Butterscotch will end up having to be euthanized because of being FIV+. I am as devastated as if it were my own cat.

However I am going to shed that now, and think positive and pray the second test shows a negative.

I know you will keep us posted.

Bless you, for all you have done for this boy.
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Mai kitties - thanks so much for your care and post - the cats we already have do not usually fight badly enough to break skin or draw blood, though it has happened on a rare occasion. Mostly because my son moved back home a year ago with his 2 cats - one is a male polydactyl with very sharp claws that no one can cut unless he is under sedation, and the other has claws as well. Our 3 are all females and declawed. (no lectures please!).

Oliver, my son's polydactyl also has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and recently lost 5 of his 15 lbs. We are very concerned about his health, so we have to think of him as well.

Otto - thanks so much for caring - I'm so sorry it brought you tears though. But please know that if it EVER came to having to euthanize him for lack of another place for him to live, I would keep him in the room he's in for the rest of his life before it ever came down to that. Right now he is healthy, happy, and very sweet!

The receptionist at the other vet's office called me late this afternoon to say that they had had a very busy day today, and were still going to discuss Butterscotch's situation, and that she would call me sometime tomorrow. I am so overwhelmed by that, because they are not our vets currently and they are going way beyond what our own vet has done for us!

I have not heard back from the woman of the organization who has been helping us with Butterscotch yet. I dont' think she wants to deal with me much anymore - I guess time will tell...
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Pictures of the sweetie this morning...

"I'm so lovable!"
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oh, my gosh, he's beautiful - look at those eyes...I hope the new vet can provide guidance and help to you (and honestly, I'd think I'd just forget that old vet - and maybe even that old organization if they're not going to be helpful).

and we're all praying for a good diagnosis.
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He is a sweetie, and after reading this I am so glad he found you. You have given him a second chance. I will be praying for him today.
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What a gorgeous boy. Ginger cats are my favorites, regardless of shade.
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Well today has brought some good news. The woman called me back from the organization a little while ago. She found out the price for the Western Blot test, and now I need to talk with my husband about whether it is in our budget right now - he's away for the day.

BUT... she was MUCH nicer today , and said she would do everything she could to adopt him out to a loving home!!! What a change from the past few conversations about how we have to keep him and how he's not adoptable!!! She told me to send her associate some pictures - told her I got some good ones this morning, and to write up a little something about his personality - easily done! She will advertise him on Craig's list and put up posters, and even take him to PetSmart on their adoption days, in a couple of weeks IF we want her to do that.

WOW - I'm so glad she is on our side now!!! I will talk with my husband and see how we will proceed now. She and I even discussed how he will ONLY go to someone who clearly shows affection for him, and that she would go with me to drop him off at his new home if I want, so she can approve it. Again... WOW!

So even though I am so very sad about having to lose him, at least we have a direction to move in now - YEA![/
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Thanks for the update!

Perhaps you can ask her to NOT use craiglist. Craiglist is used by evil people to obtain "free" pets for the purpose of torture and abuse. Don't they have their own adoption program?
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Ya know... I mentioned that to her as well - my son has used Craig's list for other things and warned about that too - she said she is good about screening people. I will tell her again about not using it when I call her back tomorrow.

Thanks Otto!
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I just read your entire thread, and I wanted to say what wonderful people you and your husband are in taking care of Butterscotch, and all that C.A.T.S. has done too! You are ALL definately "kitty saints". I hope that his tests come out good . I agree with the others on using Craigs' list. I did notice the C.A.T.S. web site was connected to Can she not post it thru them if it comes to that? I have seen lots of successful adoptions of kitties with Butterscotch's condition occur there!
Best of luck to you and especially Butterscotch!!
Bobby and the gang
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Originally Posted by LynneNY View Post
ohmygosh.... what a handsome man

Originally Posted by LynneNY View Post
Well today has brought some good news. The woman called me back from the organization a little while ago. She found out the price for the Western Blot test, and now I need to talk with my husband about whether it is in our budget right now - he's away for the day.

BUT... she was MUCH nicer today , and said she would do everything she could to adopt him out to a loving home!!! What a change from the past few conversations about how we have to keep him and how he's not adoptable!!! [/
Wow...maybe she was just having a bad day yesterday.

Out of sheer curiousity, do you mind if I ask how much the test costs???

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if you get the test and its negative, I thought you didn't have to part with him? Or am I missing something?

and that he can get the test, and that it is negative. He is in my and thoughts, as are you for all you've done
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Thanks so much for your comments, Bobby and Chris.

Bobby - I will ask her about Petfinders - we looked there also when we were trying to adopt a kitty a few years ago. Found 2 sister kittens by accident instead though.

Chris - you are correct in that if the Western Blot test is negative then we would hopefully be able to keep Butterscotch. But I am not really holding out for that - he really does fit the profile for an FIV positive cat, especially since he was negative when he was first brought in, but had been in a horrendous fight and got the raw end of the deal!

The other vet's office that I called yesterday charges $125 for that test, but I found out today from C.A.T.S. that our vet's office would charge $90. That's a big difference, but still a bit steep. I am not sure if that is the price they give the organization - they do get discounts, or if that is the regular price. My husband said to go ahead and get him tested at our vet's - we will have to pay for this one. So I will call the woman back tomorrow and ask her to make the appointment. Butterscotch is still considered their responsibility, so everything has to be done through her.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been so supportive here - it really helps to have a place to hash this all out, with people who understand just what we are going through!
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