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New Cat?

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I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this on, but I'm thinking so.

I have one cat, Kovu. He's a Burmese, and he's just over a year old. We got him when he was about five months, and we just love him. The only person who has a problem with him is my mother, she's the one who is mainly home with him most the time, while we are all at school and work. She is annoyed by him for various reasons, one being that he always jumps on the cupboards and eats whatever food is out or licks the butter dish. She also gets frustrated because he likes to sit in front of her bedroom door at night and ask to be let in. If you let him in, he'll run a round and keep you up all night.

Now, I've noticed he seems bored lately. He spends most the day, when he isn't sleeping, staring out the window. I know he doesn't want to go outside, because he runs when we open in the door, but it seems like he's trying to entertain himself, to no avail.

See, I think we should get a new cat. It would be another Burmese, of course, because they shed so little and that's a big deal to my mother. But she doesn't agree with getting another one. She thinks if we get another cat all the problems she has with Kovu will be doubled. I disagree. I think Kovu will be entertained with this new cat. He'll be too busy to jump on cupboards, and he'll have someone to play and sleep with, and won't bother us at night anymore. But my mom is also worried that if we get a new cat, Kovu would start spraying. But he's neutered, so I don't believe that will happen, especially since Burmese are such friendly cats.

In addition, summer is coming up, and although we won't be gone for school anymore, we'll spend many more days with all of us out of the house, at the lake or river or camping or things like that. And while we were gone before he had my mom, but now it'll just be him alone. Burmese, as you may or may not know, are quite like Siamese and need attention and company.

So, I'm asking you all, with this information presented to you, what do you think would be the most logical choice, to please Kovu and my mother?
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I agree with you. It is usually easier to have two cats then one. Both for the humans - and the cats themselves.

I said usually. Some cats prefer to live as alone cat in the household. I dont think it is the case here. Next trap to fall into is, sometimes cat nr 2 takes over misbehaviours of his new pal the resident. - Like your mom fears.
So although another cat is a very good bet, there is no 100% quarantee.

IF 100% quarantee is essential for you - try to agree with the seller; if it dont works at all, the new cat can go back. Or still better, have some relative or friend as back up new owner.

Good if the new cat is a cosy cat who will be friendly with your mom - so she too will have joy of being a cat owner...
A possiblility is perhaps, if you have contact with a good shelter. In the shelter there are many different cats to choose among. Not race, but behaviour... If it is a good shelter, they will advice you honestly: they do want the new owner is happy with hers new cat. Otherwise it doesnt work.
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Oh, good idea with having a backup plan! I agree with what you say but I'm still not sure it will convince my mom... I will talk to her and see how it goes. Thanks!
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