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Heres a few

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heres a few pics of my newest furball "kasey"

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Wow!! That is sure a beautiful cat look at all that fur
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I can see why Kasey won your heart...
he is gorgeous.
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hehehe thanx I told my wife if we ever split up i'm taking my cat with me

Not overley keen on the name but as he is 4-5 years old it might be too late in the day to change it i think
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What a handsome boy Kasey is
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Kasey is a gorgeous boy--I can see why he won you over. I like your tattoo, too.
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What a beautiful cat!
I love the name Kasey! I had a cat named Casey - could be why!

He's a big boy! All the more to love on!
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What a beautiful kitty!!
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