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Advice needed on indoor cats

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Hi Anyone out there,

I am new to this site and looking for advice. We are building a screened in porch so our 2 indoor cats can be out on the porch with us now that the weather is nice- but they absolutely can not get out! Does anyone have experience with the products on the market called "Pet Screen"? It is supposedly scratch and rip resistant or proof. Some say they are resistant, other say they are proof. I don't know if I can trust that my guys couldn't rip through it and get out. Anyone know about this stuff?

Thank you!
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I use pet screen on my door, they hold up very, very well to cats, however, my very determined dog tore it out.
I'm talking adult cats hanging on the screen chasing bugs kind of sturdy.
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Hi Arlyn,

Thank you so much for replying to my question- I really appreciate it and feel reassured that there is a live person who has used it and has such rave reviews. All the web sites that sell it have rave reviews but me thinks they are a bit biased. Anyway, appreciate you saying that the cats literally are hanging on it- that is quite a testament. Do you recall what kind of screen you have?
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No I just bought the Pet Screen branded stuff from Lowe's and used it to rescreen the doors.
But as long as you don't have a dog helping them, it should suit your purpose just fine.

And welcome to The Cat Site, we'd all love to see pics of your crew over in the Fur Pictures section
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I had all the screens in my home replaced with Pet Screen because one of my cats was bound and determined to rip every single one of the screens apart It's help up great and while I do have a few snags here and there, the snags are very very very small. No chance any of my cats are rippnig a hole large enough to get out off
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