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help. kitty nauseated for 3 days

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Our 4 yr old tabby female has been lethargic and throwing up for the last 3 days. we have taken her to the vet twice. they xrayed her and ran tests and found nothing. They ran a cbc test, electrolytes, SMAC and found nothing abnormal. She isn't wanting to eat and is still vomiting some bile type fluid. One of our male cats gets near her and hisses. What can be wrong? Her third eyelid is not showing. She seems lethargic and sort of wants to be alone.
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Did you take her to the same vet both times? I would get a second, or even a third opinion! clearly something is wrong!! she starts feeling better soon.
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yes the same vet saw her both times. I guess we can take her to another vet in the morning if she doesnt start showing improvement
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If I were you I would be looking for an emergency vet asap! any time a cat is not eating is a cause for concern and that along with vomiting can be very serious! even life threatening...not to mention she is probabally very dehydrated! is there any way you can get her to an e vet?
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check the colour of the skin by her ears (is it yellow?) this would be indicative of liver problems, however this should have shown up on the blood test.

Try force feeding your cat if you can, or getting him to eat ANYTHING. Did the vets give fluids?? A lot of time fluids in combination with appetite stimulants and anti-nausea pills can get a cat to eat and get them going again...

keep us posted.
good luck
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I agree another vet needs to see her.
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Mine was nauseated but was drooling like crazy and vomiting. You need to go to the vet before the holiday, the sooner the better.
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