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Independant Poop!!

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I am so excited! One of the kittens just pooped on my daughters duvet.....she had it spread out on the floor and Sirius had an independant poop! my babies are growing up!! ..........I am aware how strange this post is but its very exciting.....litter training here we come!
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It never fails to crack me up when we get excited about kitten poop!

And you'll never see this posted on any other online forum: Congratulations to your kitten that pooped on your daughters duvet!!
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Yay babies are growing up
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congrats!! I was clapping for two babies today who peed in the litter box at 27 days old.

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Lol! glad you all understand!....Leslie....I forgot how close in age our Babies were mine are 25 days today. I also took your advice from the real food thread and last night i caught my little girl eating litter in their brand new (clean!!) tray, I put her in front of Moms bowl of dry kitten food and she was away! thanks for the idea!!!
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Aww, thats so exciting! Now for getting them to do it in the litterbox...
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