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mainecoone might be next!

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i was receiving some training at work for a new system we have and when i was walking out this woman goes up to the trainer and asks if hes still breeding dogs and he said no only the main coones any more so i hopped right in that convo! hes local, gave me his website address and has the whole new litter already sold but said to keep in touch and let him know, all i know is they are big and fluffy and thats right up m alley, i showed him a picture of princess and we talked for a bit. then i gave bf the good news until i got a yes out of him, so now we are going to get a maine coone in a few months.
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That's my George!!! All 16 lbs of fur He's a snuggler when he wants to be - and really gets into it! He has the best tail and since he's orange/cream colored, he really looks like a lion...
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i want an orange one too
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Can you PM me the link to the website??
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Just make sure they are a registered breeder and do all the genetic testing that MC's require.
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There were Maine Coons at the cat shows I have showed Cleo in.
Make sure you get a good breeder and they scan for HCM.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post

Make sure you get a good breeder and they scan for HCM.
HCM test is also called MyBPC gene scan.

They also need to be tested for PKD and Hip Dysplasia on the breeding cats.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
Can you PM me the link to the website??
sure i will right now
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OMG - you are going to LOVE your Maine Coon! Bodhi is the light of my life... he literally changed my whole attitude about cats from one of "ehh, they're alright" to "OMG - i LOOOVE cats."

I would also LOVE to see the website... if you wouldn't mind PM'ing me. I love to see other MCs.
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I LOVE Maine Coons! They are my fave breed. I used to like short-hairs more, until I met Jasmine, DH's cat (we think she's pure-bred). I knew that I liked him when we met, when he sent me an email with "Pics of my 2 favorite things"; one was his car; the other was his cat!

In addition to Jazzy, we also have 3 mixed (?) (not sure; as they were strays) Maine Coon-types. GORGEOUS, huge love-bugs! They have such wonderful personalities. I think they are the perfect cat--not only beautiful but smart, playful, loving, and fun. They make great buddies.
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[quote=missymotus;2634901]HCM test is also called MyBPC gene scan.



personally I wouldn't rely on gene testing when it comes to HCM and Maine coons.

For one it is unknown how many genes (mutations in these genes, to be more precice) may be responsible for HCM, some kardiologists seem to think that dozens of genes could be responsibe. So testing for 2 mutations can never be sufficient.

Secondly it is persently not exactly clear what test results of the gene tests actually mean; there is a recent studie from the Ludwig Maximilians university in Munich which had a look at the corrolation of gen test results and affected animals. According to this study the MyBPC gen test is not suited to predict which cats will be affected by HCM.

The gold standard regarding HCM in my oppinion is the carefull study of a cats pedigree for affected ancesters and ultrasound testing at the age of 1 year by a specialist and from then on every two years up to the age of 6-8 years.

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Maine coons are gorgeous! Our two calico sisters' father was an amazing Maine Coon. Their mother was an orange tabby - they got nice colors from both, and the long fur from dad. Not so much fun when they are shedding, but nice and soft and warm in the winter!
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