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Can't they all just get along?

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Well in the last month I packed a uhaul and 3 cats into my jeep and drove 2,200 miles to get from michigan to Arizona. We made it just fine. The cats did wonderful! They slept all the way here. Spent their nights running around the hotel rooms. Well i came out here to go to school so i am staying with my aunt till i get a job and school all set up. My aunt has 2 older cats Sydney is 16 and Bonnie is about 7 (maybe older). Well George, my kitten, Quickly figured out that if they hiss in his face it means go the other way! Unfortantly the 2 adults i have, Tubby Cat and Angel, Have figued out if they are getting hissed at it means fight for their lives. The first thing we did was put soft claws on them because my aunts cats all had little claw marks on thier faces. George didn't need them but the adults did. This hasn't seemed to make that much of a difference. Next idea was the feliway spary. Also no difference. I am at such a loss. We are now taking turns locking the cats in our rooms so the others have free run. I don' t know what to do. My adults seem like they just want to be friends. They will walk right up to her cats and sniff them and as soon as they turn and hiss in their faces that's when mine puff up and fight back. They really seem like if i could get hers to stop hissing mine would stop bothering them. Please ANY suggestions?!
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Have you read thru the thread about introducing new cats to old? The one tip that seems to work great for people is the one about putting Vanilla Extra (pure, not imitation) on their chins, base of neck and base of tail. It makes them smell the same and can often eliminate much of the problems.

Try some of the ideas in this thread and see if they'll work for you.

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we tried the vanilla but they were still hissing. They wouldn't even get close enough to smell them. I guess it is just back to taking turns. Mine are locked in here with me right now and very upset about it. Digging at the door and pacing back and forth. I just don't know what else to do.....
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There are a number of tips in that thread. Not every one works for every situation, so you may need to try different things to help them with their transition. Sometimes very old cats set in their ways have a difficult time adjusting to new cats. Sometimes it takes longer with them.

It sounds like you will need to keep them separated for a while longer and introduce them thru other means. Swapping their scents is another way - put a towel in their sleeping spots then swap that towel into the room where the other cats are. Hold one of the cats then go into the room with the others and have them smell you. Once you get past scent, some people go thru sight - baby gates from floor to ceiling in a door way.
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