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Question of the Day May 17th

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Morning All!!!

Today's question pertains to free time..

What is your favorite thing to do when you have a little free time?

I actually have a couple. If the weather is bad like today I love to read or play video games. However if the weather is nice, I like to take a long walk or go window shopping along the waterfront.
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Cuddle with Josh and Trout
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Free time?!? What's that?

I work anywhere between 50 - 60 hours a week, so any 'free' time I have is spent doing the necessities around the house. During the winter and spring, I allow myself the luxury of watching the hockey games. Once they're over, I doing yard work and working in the garden. My hobbies are reading and quilting, but I just don't find much time to do them any more.
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Free time is usually spent on the computer or in front of TV. Looking forward to getting out more when the weather is nice.
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Checking out various Visual Kei and J-rock bands on YouTube
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Usually surfing the web or reading.
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Usually on the computer or watching tv or a movie.
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Either watch a good movie or read a good book.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Checking out various Visual Kei and J-rock bands on YouTube
Anything past the early to mid 90s on the VK is cringe worthy. Probably due to a lot of the newer ones always having kids in them that don't know what they're doing, yet.
I guess I kind of got bored with it myself. I have gigs and gigs of music, vids, and a lot of cds that I started collecting nearly 10 years ago ( I can't believe it's been that long!). If you're ever looking for old lives, I may just have them.
The best thing that came from that is some of the friends I made - one is currently over studying in Japan (again) right now.... and is complaining about swine flu panic at his school.

I spend most of my spare time reading. I should do more art and craft stuff, but sometimes it's just too much work to drag it all out.
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I love cuddling with my furkiddos watching tv or a movie.
and I like to read mainly magazines and volunteer at the animal shelter.

I like walking my dogs, too when it's nice out. I also take the shelter dogs for hikes around the shelter.

I just bought our hound a hamilton harness from petsmart. I am glad it fits him he's huge. So we're taking all 3 of the dogs if it's nice today for a walk.
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when i have some free time i like to go online and blast music throughout the house, sometimes read a book, and sometimes just curl up on the couch if something good is on, oh and of corse no matter what always giving attention to my fur babies.
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Well I usually spend more time with my babies! Or the horses... I dont get much free time so a lot of the time i just vegitate while watching some TV
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I have the definitively answer here: surfing TCS of course!

Seriously, I don't have a lot of spare time. When I do, I sit in front of the computer and log into TCS for relaxation.
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my tastes tend toward stuff like, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Janne Da Arc, X Japan/Hide, Luna Sea, though Girugamesh and Nightmare are probably the newest of the kei bands I listen to.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
my tastes tend toward stuff like, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Janne Da Arc, X Japan/Hide, Luna Sea, though Girugamesh and Nightmare are probably the newest of the kei bands I listen to.
Very early X had some nice thrash. Hide's stuff was ok - catchy. I find Hyde's voice to be incredibly annoying. Luna Sea has some nice stuff - haven't listened to anything of theirs in years, though. I remember Nightmare's first two releases, they were horrible, never could understand how they went major.

I actually listened to a lot of J-metal, random rock stuff like Red Warriors, The Willard, The Yellow Monkey, etc for the most part. I used to use winmx and Japanese servers to trade/collect a lot of live videos. If it was rare I either had it or was trying to get it. Before I stopped collecting I was like #3 in amount of Seikima-II vids for Seikima-II vid collectors.

Have you heard of Jude? You would probably like them. Some other nice older VK is D'erlanger - Dies In Cries (Bug and Kyo's solo stuff is really good too), I liked some Laputa though they later went more electronic sounding. Kuroyume, Aion (though they were also metal), and unfortunately my brain is failing at the moment - I can't remember anything.
If you like Buck-Tick, Soft Ballet are a nice band to check out.

This used to sort of be a hobby for me.

ETA: Now I remember what I was going to ask - have you heard of Guniw Tools?
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I have a few things I enjoy doing in my free, taking my puppy Hagan for walks, feeding the ducks/geese at my apartment complex by the lake, cooking, I like to surf facebook and TCS as well, and coffee with my sister is always good..... just depends Lately though I've been a bit busy studing for my RT entrance exam and all so I've not had as much free time.
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I like to read in my free time Last year I read over 80 books in what little free time I had. I have even less free time this year it seems.
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free time eh?

Well, right now I have way too much free time. Aside for appts with physio, dr's or WSIB, I have nothing to do.

So at this point, I'd rather my free time be spent working LOL.

But if I was working my free time would be spent going for walks with my family, playin on the computer, tending to my snakes (although that is more work that fun), reading and I'd like to get back into cross stich once my hands are better.
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Between working, studying full time and going away to cat shows every weekend I don't get much spare time. I love surfing TCS and cuddling my kitties!
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