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Blood in ???

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I am so confused As you can see below, I have four cats. Someone had blood in their urine. I thought I finally figured out it was my youngest because I watched her Tuesday night and where she urinated were drops of blood. Wednesday morning the same thing happened. I took her in that morning and they couldn't find any blood in her urine and the urine culture showed not bacteria. They put her on Clavamox just as a precaution. My husband told me there was a fresh drop of blood on the basement floor last night. I'm clueless what is going on, but now I wonder if it was another cat and Megan just happened to pee in that exact same spot in the litterbox so when she jumped out, I thought it was her. The strange thing is, the blood is almost gel like. Has anyone had an experience like this? Because of the consistency, I wonder if it is maybe a poo problem?
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We have had blood in pooh 2 different times. Most of the time during a runny pooh bout because someone ate something naughty. If the runs don't get taken care of the bowel tract become inflamed, and bleeds, but then according to my vet, that makes the bowel open to infection into the body. And then you have a ton of fun and vet bills. When my cat has had this happen she was given Flagel by mouth X2 for 7 days. Oh and how fun that is. But it cleared up all problems. And we are now as good as new AGAIN. Blood looked like a snoty gel. It was on the side of the box, and I also would pick up each cat as they woud exit the litter box and do what we call squeeker checks.
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If it is mucousy, I would suspect a poo problem rather than a urine problem. In my large household, I start to separate the cats to isolate the cat with the problem. With 4, break them into pairs with their own litter boxes. When you find one of the pairs with the problem, mix the pairs to find the specific cat with the problem. I know this may be difficult for you, but unless you are able to watch all 4 going to the litter box all the time, it could take weeks for you to find the one with the problem.
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The only symptom one of my mom's male siameses had of bladder/kidney issues until he was in acute renal failure was blood in the urine.

I can't for the life of me remember the kind of stones he gets, but it requires a genetic predisposition for the exact type. I'm reasonably sure it's cystine stones though. More commonly stones are calcium oxalate or struvite with kidney/bladder infections.

I would be concerned about stones, and would insist on a kidney function panel. A bacterial infection need not be present for stones and the only way they're going to diagnose stones is if one, or a collection of crystals, is in the sample collected. They can usually tell what kind of stone it is based on the shape of the stone if one happens to be collected in the sample.

Bruiser, Furrball's brother, died mysteriously exhibiting no symptoms a couple of years before Furrball got sick and diagnosed. We think his brother had the same problem.

I know I bring up stones every time I happen to notice a bloody pee thread, but if one kitty can be spared from sub-q fluids (Furrball was on sub-q GIF-tube treatments for almost 6 months) due to early detection, BEFORE it leads to acute or chronic renal failure, it's worth repeating the story.
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My beloved Buster had gooey blood in his urine like that prior to his diagnosis of bladder cancer. The thick quality of the blood is most likely indicative of clotting and should be taken care of immediately. I hope you discover which cat is the culprit.
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Thanks everyone. Of course, I'm going to get the remaining two in. We haven't noticed any blood in the poop in their boxes -another mystery.
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Don't rule out that it still might be your youngest. My chronic cystitis kitty actually urinates mucous blood clots without having free blood in her urine. I picked up a slimy clot off the floor and one on the top of the litter in the box ( i have feline pine clumping) so the blood is really visible. This is what the clots look like in the pine litter

Took her in for a cysto and no blood whatsoever. She also had an ultrasound done and the vet said it looked like there might be a clot sitting on the bladder wall but it was really a mystery where the mucous filled blood clots were coming from. There was some thought that they may be coming from the urethra someplace since I knew it was her that was passing them and her bladder was blood free.

that your mystery is solved soon.
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