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Sun. May 17

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Where does the time go.

I have to renew my lisence and health card before the 27th Yes I'm a procrastinator.

sorry, just realised that when I typed the date LOL.


It is bright and sunny out today, but cool in temp. We're sitting at 6C and high of 13C I think for today.

I may go out and do some planting because I didn't do it yesterday. Apparantly, peas should have been planted earlier (my first time doing them)
but I have others and annuals to plant.

I'm going to my mom's today... haven't seen her in a while.

On the way back from mom's, we're picking up my DD's friend who is having a sleep over.

Should be a good day. I'm in a good mood, so that is a good sign.
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Morning All!!!!

Windy, cool and raining like crazy here this morning. Sure don't envy those people who are camping this weekend. Sure are a lot of grouchy tourist around I know we had several in at the shop yesterday who were not happy with the weather at all.
Oh well Mother Nature is something that you have no control over.

I have nothing special planned for today. Think I am just going to hang around the house and take it easy. My shoulder's and hand's are both quite sore and stiff so I Just took something for them and I think I will just curl up with a book and read later.

I think it's about time to get out my James Herriot books and re-read them again. I love those books..

The kitties are good this morning. Actually crawled in bed with me about 6 and stayed there until 9. I think they were chilly because the heat was turned down in the apartment. They have since had breakfast and are now in the middle of a community bath.

Everyone have a great day
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Sunny but cool here as well. I have no intention of any planting as there is a frost warning for tonight or tomorrow. I don't want to spend $100+ just to have them killed by frost. I rarely ever do my planting on the May 24 weekend. I usually wait until at least the first or even the second week in June and I always have a lovely garden so it works for me.
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It is friggen windy here today and coooold!

We are heading to the grocery store later and then to my moms for BBQ dinner! Tonight we will watch DH finale
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It's chilly outside right now but very sunny. I have a long list of todo's to get through and I'm going to randomly pick something on that list that doesn't take to long to do and get it done today. My goal is to stay in my PJ's all day long. I've been working too hard lately and need a day's rest.
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It's a beautiful day today. Should be in the high 70's.

Have to clean kitty boxes out and pick up around here.

We got a voucher in the mail for a night's stay at The Spirit Mt. Casino Lodge for only $59. So were are staying there tonight. A little gambling and a great dinner. Should be fun!
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Its was cold and very windy yesterday and we had frost advisory as well. I stashed all the boughten annuals in garden shed and covered some of the hosta's that had leafed out last night. This am about 6:15 I checked the temp in the backyard and it was 34F. Close but no frost. Tonite is supposed to get to 39F.

So its cool-ish with high in low 60's today and breezy.

That being said I did a partial clean in the basement, three loads of laundry on the clothesline and some more weeding in some of the flower beds already. Taking a break now and will go back out and transplant some plants.

Shepards pie for dinner and for lunches to start the week.
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It was wet and rainy yesterday, but Rob and I went to Patriots Point ( to tour the USS Yorktown, USS Clamagore, and USCGC Ingham (the destroyer USS Laffey was temporarily closed). It was tons of fun, took 366 pictures!! It seemed to rain every time we went out into the open though

Went grocery shopping and watched tv afterwards. Ate some chicken & garlic flavored vermicelli rice since neither of us really felt like cooking dinner.
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