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Diarrhea and other issues

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I have a 6 or 7 week old kitten and he has had diarrhea or really soft stools since I have had him which has been a little over a week. He went to the vet and they wormed him and it has been over 72 hours and no change. I am starting to get a little worried. For the most part he acts fine and plays and eats and drinks fine.

Then today I left him alone with my other cat and he diarrhea and peed on the floor near her litter box. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions???
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Are you feeding him the same food he was being fed before you got him? if the food is not the same, this is normal, and should last another week or so. You can also pick-up some bene-bac at petsmart- it should help her.
Also, just curious: how come he is so young?? he should be with mom for at least another month ...
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Well, the lady that was giving the kittens away told me they were almost 3 months old. I was not sure because I have never had a kitten before. Then when I took him to the vet that is when they told me he was so young.

The lady said she was feeding him a store brand kitten food which I could not find so I bough Iams Kitten formula both hard and soft food.

The only other thing that I notice with him is that the stool smells horrible and trying to get a stool sample is impossible.
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It should be from the food. It sounds like you are a very caring person and i'm sure you will be a great meowmy to this kitten! Since he is so young you might want to call the vet if the diarrhea continues much longer because little kittens are at a much greater risk of dehydration from diarrhea..In general Iams isn't the best food you can feed him by the way- not only is it bad quality but it's also expensive! For that price you can get authority from pets mart and it's a good deal better. You can check out the nutrition section of the forum for more info on foods.
As far as getting a stool sample- my vet tech does that right when I go in for an appointment. I'm wondering why yours are asking you to do it yourself...
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Oh the poor baby and poor you...I bet your worried sick! For the diarrhea try some bene bac, also I would try a kitten food without so many extra un needed ingredients, and lastly I would ask the vet if they checked for coccidia and giardia. Good luck and I hope the baby feels better soon!
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I will try and look for a different kitten food then. I did manage to get him to eat some baby rice cereal which someone suggested that would be gentle on the stomach.

The good news is I can get him to drink a lot of water, he seems very interested in that. Today he is running around acting fine, but runs to the litter box every few hours.
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Originally Posted by maitlsa View Post
Today he is running around acting fine, but runs to the litter box every few hours.
Kittens use the litter box more often than adult cats so it's probably okay!
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Yea, but it is still pretty bad smelling diarrhea. I think that I am going to try to take him to the vet again this week.
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