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Ack! Oh, noooo!!!!! Waaaa!!!!!

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My baby has ringworm after all!!!!! Waaaaaa!!!! Poor thing!!! She kept getting more spots, so I brought her back to the vet today. They had the week long culture results in, as well, and it was positive for ringworm. So, we have to shampoo her once a week and then dip her. We also have cream to put on her every 12 hours. My poor, poor kitty!!!!!

We just bathed her for the first time, as soon as we got home. She was so good, she didn't scratch at all! She just sat there and cried and shivered! I feel so bad for her!!!!

I hope we don't catch it, too . . . . *sigh* What a mess.
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I have been there with 7 persians you can imagine what it was like. It is just brought on by stress and should clear up soon. Wet kitties are the most pathetic looking creatures on the earth! LOL
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Oh, poor little Luna! I'm hoping she has a very speedy recovery, and that you guys don't get it too!

Be sure to let the breeder know that Luna has ringworm so she can take steps to disinfect her cattery. I'm sure you already have, but just making sure....
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Oh poor kitty! I hope it goes away fast. Sorry to hear that Viva. Sending ringworm go away thoughts to Luna.
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Teresa -- yes, she is very pathetic looking all wet. Poor thing. She is so tiny, too, only 2.5lbs, she looked like a rodent of some sort with all her fur slicked down!

Heidi -- I did already inform the breeder. I e-mailed her first thing when I got home. I've been keeping in close contact with her, anyway, giving her updates on how Luna is settling in and about her skin problems.

Thanks for your concern everyone!
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Please don't catch it- the stuff is horrible to have. I got it one time on the chin- yuck! It took forever to clear up- nasty stuff!
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How can I prevent it for myself?
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Handle the kitten as little as possible, or wear rubber gloves when you do handle Luna. Wash your hands in a solution of bleach and water- dilute the bleach but still use it, then follow up with a soap and hot water scrub. Wear only one set of clothes when you interact with Luna. It is so contagious- keep as many people away from Luna as you can until it is gone. Call your doctor and see if he will just write our a prescription so you will have it if you get it- it really is nasty to catch and hard to get rid of. Thank God I have only had to deal with it one time.
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Huh . . . how long does it take to get symptoms? She's been sleeping on our bed with us the past two weeks and we're both fine . . . we mush all over her all day long, too . . .(obviously that won't be happening til she's better, anymore!)
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awww poor little baby!
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If I were you, I would strip my bed and wash all the linens and blankets. I would vacuum like a crazy woman, and isolate Luna until this is over. If you haven't noticed itchy skin or red lesions on yourself, consider yourself very lucky.

Did the vet give you medicated shampoo to use? When you scrub Luna use rubber gloves- then discard them after the bath.
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Poor little Luna! I hope it clears up quickly for her!
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Awww poor baby. Sending get better vibes to her, and I hope you and your s/o don't get it as well!
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I thought my cat had ringworm because I had a red itchy round scaly spot on my leg. I took her in and they shined a special light on her and told me nothing appeared. She never lost any patches of fur, and both cats seem fine. But here it is 4 months later and I still have whatever it is on my leg, sometimes it itches like crazy, but usually it is just there with no itchiness most of the time, I think I just irritate it when I shave, so happy it was not ringworm, but curious as to what it is, I am too cheap to go to a doctor because it is not life threatening.But my fur babies go to the doctor if they even sneeze! Linda
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Ohh poor sweetheart!! I hope you get rid of the stuff fast!!!!
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I hope you get it under control without catching it. I doesn't sound like fun for you or Luna.
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